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Twelve Videos by Freeman Z

Pastor Yenmore

Willard Romney describes the size of his head

Brother Eric

The original Secular Religion Dot Org website

Freeman produced this video series for the short-lived website secularreligion.org just before the 2008 New Hampshire Primaries, where Manic Megalomaniac Millionaire Mormon Mitt bought even more votes than perennial candidate Vermin Supreme.

Republican Willard "Mitt" Romney was elected Governor here in Massachusetts after selling a pack of well-funded lies, the most amusing ones being about his falsely claimed humility. He damaged the commonwealth in ways only a carpetbagger would, then he ran for President on a platform of disrespecting the people who elected him, trashing the people and the Commonwealth across the nation.

Inspiration: God Loves Me Best!

ROSe 1

Our Avatar:
Mitt Romney


ROSe 2

Humble Beginnings:
Government Love


ROSe 3

We Were
a Sleeping Beast


ROSe 4

September Eleven:
It's Secularism,
not Christendom,
under Attack!


ROSe 5

and a word about
Other Religions


ROSe 6

Secularism is...
the Gov-Luv!


ROSe 7

and Pledge


ROSe 8

1st Amendment Experiment:


ROSe 9



ROSe 10

Just Like Mitt:
Living Our Dream


ROSe 11

The Heart is
a Love Muscle!


ROSe 12

It Doesn't Mean that
You're an Atheist!

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