492 Cafe

Honk to Impeach!

Two Videos by Freeman Z

Devil's Mix

Music Video

Concept, Camera, Editing and Soundtrack by Freeman Z


-Whitecap featuring Bruce Marshall

  • Drums: Don MacLellan
  • Bass: John Merchant
  • Guitar -Left: Bruce Marshall
  • Guitar -Right: Phil Nunez
  • Recorded by Bill "Woodstock" Hanley
  • Mixed by Freeman Z at 492 Cafe

Straight Cut


Concept, Camera, Editing and Soundtrack: Freeman Z


the Honk to Impeach story...

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Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts

Having worked on the Boston impeachment Rally and Trial by providing battery-operated sound reinforcement, Freeman Z joined the growing impeachment movement in earnest creating HonkToImpeach.org to demonstrate public outrage at Dubya, his crimes, and those who enabled them, including Nancy Pelosi and the "Democratic" Party.

The video documents just one day's action, where stangers spontaneously joined activists in asking drivers to be counted in a direct way that the elite powers cannot suppress ...by honking their horns!

All the honks are real.

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