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Katrina Day Rally

by Freeman Z

Boston Rosa Parks Civil Righs Day Committee

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Roxbury Katrina Rally

Format: News Segment

Station: CCTV

Program: You Are Here

Aired: October 16, 2006


About The Video

A 6-minute edit of a 7-minute broadcast segment aired on You Are Here, a news magazine program on CCTV Cambridge.

The stationary camera work is by Technical Director Buz Owen, who also assembles the program. Sound, hand-held camera and production are by Freeman Z.


About The Rally

This rally in Roxbury was called by the Boston Rosa Parks Civil Rights Day Committee on "Katrina Day" 2006. Hundreds assembled in Dudley Square under the banner "Katrina The Black Nation's 9-11."

Government Negligence is the theme of this Rally featuring Chuck Turner, Klare Allen, Tony Van Der Meer, Louise Powell, Keith Jones, and Bishop Teixeira. Topics include Boston Bio-Terror Lab, CORI reform, education, racism, and poverty. Music from Mike Borkson and The Foundation.

Topics include reforming the Massachusetts C-O-R-I “offender record” system, Boston residents stopping the Bio-Terror Lab with their “People Power,” and issues of education, war, racism and poverty.


Website: Boston Rosa Parks Civil Rights Day Committee

Massachusetts CORI Reform:

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