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Day Of Out(R)age

by Freeman Z

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Freeman Z has worked on several CCTV productions a Sound Specialist and as a Camera Operator. This Cambridge Chronicle article mentions the You Are Here program and this video news report, Freeman's first for CCTV.

Format: News Segment

Station: CCTV

Program: You Are Here

Aired: June 1, 2006


Day of Out(R)age

Winner of Regional News Award. Details


Around the country, Citizens declared a national "Day of Out(R)age" to build support for a group of media related issues, including preserving network neutrality, local control of local resources, and provisions in the Telecommunication Act that support Public Access stations. ACME Boston hosted the local media event at the statehouse. Freeman Z (Jeffrey Manzelli) covered the event for You Are Here.

Most of the camera work is by Technical Director Buz Owen, who also assembles the program. Freeman shot the off-tripod "Hand Held" footage.



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