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Suffolk University School of Law

Forum on Wrongful Convictions

Two seasoned Attorneys and a Death Row Survivor tell it as it is, exposing the weaknesses that prove the US criminal justice system is thoroughly unfit to justify the death penalty.



Somerville Says...

Honk To Impeach!

Despite Democrat Pelosi's slap to America's face, "Impeachment's off the table," Americans voted with something the elite don't control ...their car horns ...in this Massachusetts town square.


(Italian subtitled)

Freeman helps Howard Zinn deliver his message to the Italian Resistance in this video message.

Howard Zinn: Vicenza Resistance

When Freeman heard that Author, Professor and WWII Veteran Howard Zinn had agreed to make a message to the Italian People resisting a new U.S. Military base proposed for Vicinza Italy, he grabbed gear and schlepped into action!


"Professor Zinn and I shot the basic vid at his office at BU. I produced the piece, adding stills from the internets and my own footage. The translations came both from Cambridge (Mass) and Italy."

The US government wants to waste our money on another huge military base. The Italian government approves. The Italian people do not. (Sound familiar?)

More Howard Zinn

Roxbury Rally

(short version)

Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee Community Rally

Green Party's Endorsement

Katrina: The Black Nation's 9-11

CCTV Competition Finalist this is one of three finalists selected for Cambridge Community TV's Free Speech Shorts Video Festival, among videos by a CCTV Member. It's Freeman's second broadcast production. The version submitted for competition features Freeman's live recording of "New Orleans" (listen) by the truly amazing David Rovics.


This six minute piece shot at the Boston Rosa Parks Civil Rights Day Committee Rally in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on "Katrina Day" 2006. It is Freeman's second broadcast video production, and was produced for the Cambridge News Magazine "You Are Here." Topics include Government Negligence, Boston Bio-Terror Lab, CORI reform, education, war, racism, and poverty.


(12 short videos)


ROSe: The Religion of Secularism


Manic Millionaire Mitt explains the size of his swollen head

Freeman produced this video series for the short-lived website secularreligion.org just before the 2008 New Hampshire Primaries, where Manic Megalomaniac Millionaire Mormon Mitt bought even more votes than perennial candidate Vermin Supreme.

Day of Out(R)age

"You Are Here"

CCTV, Cambridge

Event: May 24, 2006

Telecom Legislation Outrage


Award Winner!

Community media awareness and activism organizations around the country declared a national "Day of Out(R)age" to build support for a group of media related issues, including preserving network neutrality, local control of local resources, and provisions in the Telecommunication Act that support Public Access stations. ACME Boston hosted the local media event at the statehouse. Producer and local air personality Freeman Z (Jeffrey Manzelli) covered the event for You Are Here.

"You Are Here #11" Wins Regional Award

"Congratulations! Episode 11 of You Are Here has won first prize in the "News and Event Coverage" category of the ACM Northeast Region Fall Video Festival.

You Are Here is a half-hour local News Magazine. Each edition airs sixteen times on Cambridge Cable.

Day of Outrage: Dealing with Net Neutrality and other telecom legislation issues, is Freeman's first broadcast segment, shot and assembled in just a few days with footage from a State House rally by community media activicts and press conference involving State Legislator Ed Markey, who is represented by District Supervisor Joe Dalton.

Freeman's Role at YAH: Freeman has participated in the YAH team since 2005, contributing technical support and production advice, and on several CCTV productions as a sound specialist and as a camera operator. Freeman's first ever broadcast video, Day of Outrage is one of the segments in the award winning episode. YAH Technical Director Buz Owen assisted as camera operator.

This YAH edition was mentioned in the Cambride Chronicle newspaper.

Top Gun

MacKinnon & Zinman

Bush-Cheney Top Gun Focus Group Trailer


President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney's executive focus group for a project of the highest stakes for the future of our country: a remake of the 1986 blockbuster "Top Gun." Trailer includes video for the song "Goin' to Dubai" featring the President on guitar and the Vice President on piano. thebushcheneytopgunfocusgroup.com

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Peace March

Event: Oct 29, 2005

Murder Elite!

Boston Peace Rally and March


Veteran Marine Joe Turcotte, Carlos Arredondo, father of US Marine casualty, signs and banners, all march through Beacon Hill with live New Orleans music, teenagers tell recruiters "...We're no fools, get your lies out of our schools!" White Supremacists are confronted, and the MBTA-Police External Investigation Crime-Pig works the camera for CBS News...

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