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Freeman Photo Rig

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Back Pack Recording Rig

Years ago, Freeman started carrying his photo gear in a frame pack. (See Freeman's Photography) Soon, the pack grew novel appendages bearing strobes, microphones and other goodies. Recently, one of these back pack rigs went to Washington to record a protest. Very nice mics were mounted atop the frame, and adjusted to get the desired sound quality.

Freeman Photo Rig

Hear the back pack!

(Click Here if the embedded mp3 does not play automatically.)

Freeman Says...

I have always been a component sort of guy. I don't much like 'all-in-one' boxes. Even professionals have asked me 'Why don't you just get a general-purpose recorder like I have? It's so simple!'

Kay, simple boxes for simple people. The beauty of building your own rigs is two-fold. As an Engineer, you learn tons more than mere 'Consumers,' and that knowledge can be put to use only by tinkering with all those doohickeys

My recordings are my credentials. Listen to my work and you'll understand.

I hear inferior "professional" work on an almost daily basis. Yes, I deliver products for pay, but I am not a Professional, because the hallmark of Professionalism is mediocrity. I shall always be an Amateur ...because I am a lover ...And professionals are prostitutes!

(Amateur: From the Latin "amator:" lover, devoted friend, devotee, enthusiastic pursuer of an objective.)


Techno Babble...

The omni condensor mics were about 17cm. apart at 180 degrees, as shown.

Even without an acoustic baffle between the mics, the resulting separation and phasing are very lifelike. as this verbatim playback demonstrates.

Noise from the pack frame is well below ambient noise levels, and the wind noise (0-8 MPH) is almost eliminated by virtue of the B-5s' omni-directional pickup pattern.

This mic fixture accomodates many different types of mics and many configurations, including XY-Coincident pair, A-B pair, O.R.T.F. and even the ever so awkward Mid-Side.

Freeman Photo Rig