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492 Cafe Services

Mobile Gear

Because of our focus on making broadcast quality ("BQ") recordings at street demonstrations, rallies and marches, 492 Cafe has developed tools particularly well suited for media work on the move.

Seized by Dick Cheney...Returned by the Court!


Developed for Condoleezza Rice's appearance at Boston College, the SoniKart is a very versatile mobile facility. First, it's a self contained, and self powered Public Address System. It's more adjustable, effective and articulate than any megaphone. It runs for hours on a battery charge. It plays and records MP3's, and sports a fourteen channel mixer on it's rugged and maneuverable three-wheeled chassis.


Years ago, Freeman started carrying his photo gear in a frame pack. Soon, the pack grew strange appendages bearing strobes, microphones and other goodies. Recently, one of these back pack rigs went to Washington to record a protest. Very nice mics were mounted atop the frame, and adjusted to get the desired sound quality.

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