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492 Cafe


What We Do

492 Cafe provides sound reinforcement, consultation and general media services for rallies, fund-raisers lectures, conferences and other events.

Cindy Sheehan, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many others have used our professional services. Typically, the Cafe is contracted by the organizations sponsoring the events. References are available.

We specialize in media planning and execution of public events for political organizations. Our experience in public address, audio and video production are valuable assets in the task of serving the commercial and volunteer press that organizers hope to attract.

Our recordings are often broadcast on various radio programs. We produce videos that have been broadcast, burned to DVD, and posted on the web.

Note: Although the 492 Cafe does a good deal of pro-bono work. This page refers mainly to compensated professional work.

  • Chomsky
  • Tutu
  • Zinn

  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Amplification
  • Simple Recording
  • Multitrack Recording
  • Press Feeds
  • Video
  • Music
  • Video Soundtrack
  • Battery-Operated


Why Call on Us?

Our philosophy is simple: Because we live in a media-driven culture, we must adapt or fall silent against the corporate propaganda apparatus.

Our mission is complex: To steer organizers toward the most effective and efficient harnessing of media power to propagate their message.

492 Cafe has earned a reputation for providing effective and affordable media services, so organizers can make informed choices, and free up their energy for what they do best, organizing.

Contact the 492 Cafe


Below are some programs we've worked with. Several commercial TV stations are not included here, simply because we don't always notice who takes our press feeds.


Special Stuff

Our battery-powered gear saves you money. For small events on Boston parks, for example, you would pay the city at least $150.00 just for electricity!

Coincidentally, that's the entry-level price point for our battery-operated service, so you can get the job done for the same price Boston charges you just to open the door.

Our battery-powered system can amplify (and record) your event, including a (roughly) six piece band with vocals. The sound is good, and loud enough for a couple of hundred happy ears. (you get your choice of our hi-fi JBL loudspeakers or a set of ear-piercing PA horns.)


  • AKG
  • Apple
  • Behringer
  • Hafler
  • JBL
  • ProTools
  • Roland
  • Shure

II. People

Freeman Z

(Jeff Manzelli)

492 Cafe Founder Freeman Z's professional media experience includes writing, shooting and distributing for a statewide family magazine, television and video production, photography, sound reinforcement, and broadcast recording and editing. His edited recordings air frequently on several Boston radio programs.

Freeman designed and built the SoniKart, a mobile sound system, which has been employed in marches and rallies, and to annoy properly, the likes of Condee Rice and Dick Cheney. (Being illegally impounded and disassembled by police into hundreds of pieces in the latter effort.)

Bill Hanley

It is said that 492 Cafe's senior partner Bill Hanley taught the sound industry what it means to be a sound man. From his leading roles in the Newport Festivals to the Fillmore to the original Woodstock (where he designed, built and operated the sound system and recorded the album and movie soundtrack,) Bill has been one of America's most influential sound engineers, casting his light not only on the trade, but on the very soul of folk, jazz and rock music. (more about Bill)

Bill trains and advise the team and handles large scale sound projects, like this one.

John Grebe

For eight years, John has been Host and Producer of the Sounds of Dissent radio program on WZBC-FM. Each week, John interviews guests of national and international stature about current affairs issues. John also works with tecschange and worked extensively with Boston Indymedia.

Steve Cornie

Steve is our enthusiastic apprentice, on loan from WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio program.

III. Portfolio

Recent Jobs

  • G.H.W. Bush Protest
  • Boston Impeachment Rally
  • Chomsky at M.I.T.
  • RESIST 40th w/Chomsky
  • Sabeel Conference with Tutu
  • Zinn at B.U.
  • Suffolk Law Wrongful Convictions Forum

Students line up with questions as 492 Cafe makes Howard Zinn a bit "moar lowdur" at B.U.