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control room

The Studio in 2004


SoniKart Wins in Court!

Concert Gig: Gaza Fund Raiser

492 Cafe managed the live sound and recordings, and we raised $13,000! More...

New and Updated Pages


Representative Mike Capuano Speaks at Suffolk Law with Michael Avery: Beyond the Imperial Presidency

Rally Gig

492 Cafe provided sound on Boston Common for a rally sponsored by UJP and other peace groups. Features Veterans, Gold Stars, Chuck WIlliams and more

Hear it

Broadcast Recording

-The University of Majd

Bread and Puppets founder Peter Schumann performed just for us. Produced for This Week in Palestine, Hosted by Sherif Fam.

9-11 Truth Convention:

492 Cafe provided sound for the (-11 Truth Convention at at Boston's Faneuil Hall and for some of the following day's activities. We recorded the events, and produced the soundtrack of the video in production elsewhere.

Videos and Radio Pieces: Suffolk Law -Wrongful Convictions

Watch the Videos

Hear the Recordings and Broadcast Segments

Women in Black: Anat Biletzki (Palestine)

Israeli Anat Biletzki at MIT discusses feminism and the role of Israeli women resisting the occupation.


Projects with Howard Zinn

Friends of Sabeel

492 Cafe provided amplification, press feeds and recording services at the Friends of Sabeel Conference at Boston's Old South Church. The program included two addresses from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Hear the program.

Sound Gig and National Broadcast: 30 Years of RESIST

492 Cafe was hired to manage sound and to record the 30th Anniversary celebration of RESIST Our recordings aired on Making Contact, a national radio program. More...

Sacco Vanzetti Memorial: Two Rallies

The SoniKart struck again, this time (modified, with more channels) amplifying a rock band before moving on to Langone Park in Boston's North End for a speak out.

Sound Gig: Crankin' up Festival Sound with Bill Hanley

Freeman Z initiated into Large-Scale Sound trade by Bill Hanley, the "Father of Festival Sound." Soon after the speaker towers were placed, Freeman was put in charge. Photos include the speaker towers in operation. The 24 hour event raised $680,000.

Hanley speakers

Peace March Radio Promo Spots

492 Cafe worked with Howard Zinn, Vets for Peace and others to produce these Broadcast Announcements promoting major Peace Marches

Radio and Video Production in the New Studio

FM Broadcast: 492 Cafe returned to the airwaves with the airing on Truth and Justice Radio of Howard Zinn speaking at a Park Street rally. See and Hear both Demonstrations Here!

Video: The first video assignment based in the new studio was shot at this Brookline Peace Works event, Guantanamo and Torture: Confronting Our National Nightmare, a program featuring Psychoanalyst Stephen Soldz and Attorney Jeffrey Gleason. The video may be developed for cablecast or other uses.

Steve Soldz is a leader in efforts to get the American Psychological Association to forbid their members from participating in coercive interrogations at detention facilities.
Jeff Gleason and colleagues at Wilmer Hale have represented six men imprisoned at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay

Hear the program

Freeman's "Katrina Day" video is among three CCTV Finalists

492 Cafe's short broadcast video "Katrina Day" was one of only three finalists selected for the Cambridge Community TV's "by CCTV Member" Category of the Free Speech Shorts Video Festival. It is Freeman's second broadcast production. His first, on telecommunications legislation, was a part of a You Are Here news magazine episode which won at the ACM Northeast Region Fall Video Festival. (...More awards details) -See the videos here

SoniKart at Park St., Copley Sq.

492 Cafe's SoniKart mobile sound system, amplified voices including Historian Howard Zinn and Josh Rubenstein, the Northeast Regional Director of Amnesty International, at Park Street Station and Copley Square, respectively, at anti-war protests on Thursday, January the Eleventh. The demonstrations were called in response to the Bush administration of war criminals announcement of intent to expand their blunder in Iraq.

Hundreds of people were gathered when the SoniKart arrived. Freeman recognized the legendary Doctor Zinn while plunking down a microphone stand. "I was thrilled, but in the rush to set up the sound system, I didn't even get a photo!" said Sound Engineer Freeman Z. "When I arrived with Amy Hendrickson from UJP, we couldn't hear a word. Within five minutes, we had the crowd's eager ears filled with Doctor Zinn's voice."

Howard Zinn spoke on the war in Iraq and its parallels to US involvement in Vietnam. Joshua Rubenstein spoke about the immoral, criminal misconduct related to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The SoniKart was used to drive a large horn speaker and a pair of smaller horns on stands. "This provides for good sound quality and efficient distribution without tremendous volume levels." said Freeman.

See and Hear Both Demonstrations Here

Zinn's New Book

Featuring essays penned over an eight-year period, A Power Governments Cannot Suppress is Howard Zinn's first writerly work in several years, an invaluable post-9/11-era addition to the themes that run through his bestselling classic, A People's History Of the United States.

Like Zinn, A Power Governments Cannot Suppress is something of a national treasure. Having fought in World War II as a bombardier, Zinn brings a profoundly human, yet uniquely American perspective to each subject he writes about, whether it's the Founding Fathers, winning the war on terrorism, respecting the holocaust, or defending the rights of immigrants. Written in an accessible, personal tone, Howard approaches the telling of U.S. history from an active, engaged point of view. "America's future is linked to how we understand our past," writes Zinn; "For this reason, writing about history, for me, is never a neutral act." More...

Zinn book


Arnove's New Book

Howard Zinn’s book Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal, though it appeared five years before the United States eventually abandoned that war, argued with remarkable foresight that getting out was the only realistic option.

Now, nearly forty years later, the United States is once again involved in a seemingly intractable foreign conflict. And, following in the footsteps of Zinn, Anthony Arnove (his co-editor on the widely acclaimed Voices of a People’s History of the United States) has written a book that will likely prove equally prescient. More... / Read Arnove's Articles
Zinn book

492 Cafe Studio in New Location

We have set up shop in a larger and quieter space in Medford. The Mass Ave. location had some advantages, but the road noise and dust caused lots of problems. Our new location, about a half mile from Tufts, has a better sounding room, and a larger control room.

Boston Phoenix Profile: Freeman Z

A profile interview by Boston Phoenix Staff Writer Mike Miliard investigates the MBTA Police frame-up of 492 Cafe Founder Jeffrey "Freeman Z" Manzelli.

Read the Article ---> Here

The article has quotes from Supreme Judicial court Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall, ACLU of Massachusetts Legal Director John Reinstein, Jeff's appeal lawyer, Dave Russman, plus State Representative Will Brownsberger and Ian MacKinnon. MBTA Officer Harer even coughed up a quote: “A profile of him? I think I’ll pass.”

Miliard interviewed Freeman for two hours about the incident, the trial and the role of "Citizen Journalism" in defending an eroding Democracy. Read more about Manzelli's case at MBTA Police.org, and check back for his new website on the Massachusetts wiretap law abuses, and what we're doing about them!

SoniKart Court Victory

In a court victory for Grace Ross, the Citizens of the Commonwealth, and the First Amendment, the SoniKart was released and returned to 492 Cafe disassembled by Boston Police Department into a hundred fifty pieces, thirty of those pieces were not returned.

A Boston Municipal Court Magistrate supported free speech by dismissing the Boston police complaint against Freeman Z for providing gubernatorial Candidate Grace Ross with sound reinforcement at the protest of a Dick Cheney fund raiser.

About the seizure SoniKart designer and operator Freem Z said, "I kept my cool in the storm. I wasn't mad at Officer McNiff, he was following orders...but when I read the lie in his report...well, McNiff's going to find out, just like Brian Harer did, that I won't put up with that. Lying in a report is illegal. And doing it when cameras were roling is just plain stupid. The Court has affirmed my belief that Superintendent Dunford acted inappropriatly when he threatened me with arrest for amplifying a bona-fida Candidate outside the war criminal Cheney's event."

SoniKart is Back on the Streets of Boston

After an all-night re-assembly effort, (causing Freeman to miss the video award ceremony, detailed below,) the SoniKart appeared and was operated without a sound permit by Freeman at a rally on the Common organized by Stop the Wars Coalition. Dclining to use the rally's sound system, Freeman made a speech over the SoniKart, where he explained the contentious history of the device, vowing that if it's taken inappropriately again, the people will build more and louder amplifiers, flooding the court with free speech cases. The speech terminated with a rousing call and response of "War Criminals!" and a humble "thank you."

Freeman Catches Another Cop Lying: The SoniKart amplified dissenting voices as it wound along the parade route, past the addresses of war profiteers here in Boston. A well-amplified told Freeman told Boston Police "I know you have to kiss Cheney's ass, but McNiff lied...and I have videotape!" An Officer joked that Sargeant McNiff would like a rebuttal. Freeman offered a microphone, but McNiff was nowhere to be seen. In his report, McNiff claims "...(Freeman Z) stated that he had been cited for violation several other times."

Freeman responded "That's ludicrous. Why would I say that? I didn't say it, and it's false besides, as I have never been similarly cited. The lie is proven by at least two recordings made on the scene." Speaking with Boston police Saturday, Freeman sent the word to Segeant McNiff to research what happened the last time cops lied about him. "I try to play by the rules! ...Tell McNiff to check out mbtapolice.org."

Broadcast Video Award

You Are Here Cambridge News Magazine, (Freeman Z co-producer,) wins regional broadcast award...


492 Cafe Media Awards page

logo ACMN_NE.org


Due to this weeks' schedule of court obligations and paying jobs, I failed to record the long-awaited Saturday Honk in Davis Square.

John Warner

John Warner is hailed as the Father of Green Chemistry. He laughs off this title, knowing it's the nurturing of an age-old, non volatile chemistry he's advocating. And with great success, as Asia and Europe quickly embrace his doctrine that advocates eschewing deadly compounds and inefficient production methods.

We're working with Watertown Environment and Peace Activists W.C.E.S. Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety, and its Pesticide Use Reduction and Education Task Force, PURE. This follows delivery of a video of Michael Klare's lecure to the same group. About Klare: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The Boston Globe published this article on Dr. Warner's Life-Affirming work.

Oct 06, 2006 @MIT: Chomsky on The Cuba 5

Chomsky spoke about the US embargo and terrorism against Cuba, focusing on the controversial "Cuba 5 case." 492 Cafe provided recording services and we were caught with our socks down with dead house amplifiers. We managed to get some amplified sound in the rear of the room.

I've first heard the outrage over the Cuba Five story years ago while recording in the streets of New York and Philadelphia. It seems to be getting much more attention lately, apparently due to these long term efforts. Professor Noam addressed this topic in this same room several months ago. I provided sound services and recorded the event.

More Chomsky, Please!


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cuban Five Solidarity Event and Book Tour


What you haven't been told about the US -based terrorism against Cuba

Professor Noam Chomsky: Scholar, Author & Linguist
Michael Avery: President, National Lawyers Guild
Salim Lamrani: Editor, Superpower Principles: U.S. Terrorism Against Cuba

Exactly 30 years ago, on October 6, 1976, a Cuban plane was blown up in mid-air killing all 73 people aboard, including the Cuban junior fencing team. This was the first terrorist attack against a commercial airliner. Do you know that the perpetrators of this crime are living in the U.S. and have never been prosecuted? Why not? Join us to hear about the on-going hostilities against Cuba, including the case of Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who are imprisoned in the United States.

Sponsored/endorsed by: MIT Western Hemisphere Project, Howard Zinn, Comitte International por la Libertad de los Cinco, Massachusetts Chapter National Lawyers Guild, and July 26 Coalition of Boston.

Map and info: http://events.mit.edu

Leisner shoots

Roger Leisner of Radio Free Maine shoots Chomsky

Oct 05, 2006 -Boston Common: World Can't Wait Sound Gig

492 Cafe engineered sound for the six-hour long rally on the Common Thursday by Bush Crimes Commission sponsor "The World Can't Wait."

With the smaller 14-channel board gone (still in the pen after the soniKart was taken by the cops from the cheney protest,) we brought 492 Cafe's large studio console. We provided three mics, two instrument direct inputs, and a CD player for program and background music. I placed four press feeds accessible from the ground beside the stage, via headphone outputs. The system fed a rented pair of amplifiers and loudspeakers totalling 1,200 Watts. All went well. We recorded the audience and stage mics in multi-track, and it sounds wonderful!

Our mix and record system for the World Can't Wait Rally

sound system in place

Mac/ProTools, EQ, MX-900 mixing console, and Edirol R-1 backup recorder on the bandstand

Wiretap Frame-Up Appeal Hearing

Report-Back and potential draft of second press release

First Press Release and call for support

On October Third, David Russman, accused wiretapper Jeffrey Manzelli and seven supporters attended a hearing at Boston's John Adams Courthouse. Attorney Russman argued that the result of a trial in which the reporter was prosecuted for wiretapping for his public use of a microphone which an MBTA Policeman claimed he did not see, constitutes a wrongful conviction.

Judge Brown and Prosecuting Attorney Bradley made an analogy comparing Freeman's equipment with illegal drugs, proposing that the reporter can be found guilty of wiretap because he tossed some equipment to a sympathetic crowd after Officer Brian Harer ordered Freeman not to take pictures of him. Prosecution argues the only reason the reporter would have tossed him gear is it's evidence he committed a wiretap of Harer, though it's also clear that recording Harer in the act admitted in his own affidavit, intimidating a reporter, would be journalistically relevant material Officer Harer could desire to suppress.

How would one know he's a reporter? Freeman's thirty-plus pounds of gear included a cassette deck, (worn on the hip,) with an 8 inch long microphone, two large cameras on his neck, and a backpack with a sign reading in two inch letters, "freemanz.com," the website featuring his work in photography, print and broadcast. Freeman is a contract sound engineer who produces media content for Boston radio programs, also available at www.492cafe.org. In his trial summation, and knowing full well by trial time, that Freeman's interest in his media work is not to spy, but to publish, Prosecutor Bradley suggested Manzelli to be a fraud, saying "...if he really is a reporter..."

Manzelli co-founded an ad-sponsored family magazine Even though he was working for WMBR News during the incident, the accused wiretapper has never argued that he needs "...any journalistic protection to dismiss ...this bogus and politically motivated frame-up charge. If Harer missed the obvious mic, it was because he was going off, telling me not to publish his photo, and threatening to sue me. Read his affidavit. We don't make Public Documentary a crime in free countries. That a prosecutor's distraction from the fact of Harer's misconduct."

The arrest on Boston Common followed a peace rally in October of 2002. Manzelli was convicted in 2003? and completed probation in ? required to surrender blood to authorities, is now listed in the controversial Massachusetts CORI system.

Supporters in attendance included Freeman's mother and sister, "Ginkgo" Carolyn, rock star "Avenging" Andy Pratt of Andy-pratt.com, Documenting Dissent Producers Walter Locke and Noble Larson and law student Tony Naro, himself a victim of a military recruiter attack on his leafletting of a Martin L. King memorial event. ("You should be shot in the head like King was.")

Freeman Z Web traffic is way up. Improvements and additions continue at 492cafe.org and the wiretap frame-up info and justice sites, including brianharer.com and mbtapolice.org.

Sep 28, 2006 -Cambridge: Greg Palast

Today, Sunday, Stan aired Palast via Barsamian on Truth and Justice Radio, letting me off the hook after I failed to provide an air-worthy product from my machine-noisy recording. Chuck U provided me his recording. I posted a set of mp3's from Chuck's Audio CD in the 492 Cafe temporary folder.

palast card deck

My contribution to Palast's talk was to provide a mic and cable immediately when the house sound system melted down. With spontaneous teamwork, in about a minute, we connected a working mic at the stage area as John Grebe operated the house sound controls. Thanks also to Stan (Truth and Justice Radio) for promptly alerting John to the situation. -Freeman

And thanks to Mr. Palast, who signed my deck of his special playing cards. (description, lowest price)

DVD In Production: John Judge "The 9-11 Omission"

When Local/International Activist Susan McLucas and others put up cash to make a pro quality video of 9-11 de-bunker John Judge, I was on the CCTV Cambridge crew as a camera operator. Once the CD was produced by CCTV, Susan and I made the DVD label. We're now working toward a re-edit that will be briefer and more professional looking than the current product.

The original CCTV edit (by Marissa Acosta) has aired several times and bits of this material also aired on a segment of CCTV's news magazine "You Are Here" four times a week for four weeks starting on September Eleven. See more 492 Cafe labels here.

Judge DVD label

Sept 8, 2006 - 492 Cafe's SoniKart Awaiting Trial

SoniKart Seized at Cheney Protest ---> SoniKart page (story, photo's, press links)

Hear the recordings. WMFO-FM's "Free of Form Radio" featured recordings of the standoff between protestors and police who seized the sound system which was in use by Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Grace Ross... more

We are awaiting the BMC's reply to our hearing request after SoniKart was arrested on September the Eighth at the Cheney protest by Boston Police Superintendent Dunford as Green Gubernatorial Candidate Ross used it to address protestors at a Cheney fund raiser. National Lawyer's guild offered support, apparently in fighting the charge, and especially the seizure of the SoniKart as a violation of the First-Amendment Rights of Ross and others who were forced to use a lousy sounding megaphone. The SoniKar has brought sonic grace and dignity to many protests free of charge to the many organization who use it. Boston City Councilor Turner has also used the SoniKart.

sonikart seized

sonikart seizure

Activists and leaders see this as "a battle to create a public space for dissent" in a city where, even before the military occupation disguised as the Democrat Convention invaded, police have prohibited leafletting (BMP) and even distribution of the Bill of Rights on Boston Common...on July Fourth (State or Park Police). The DNC brought bomb searches on the T, and this has just been made policy. These searches are conducted by the police de[partment who framed me for a felony for doing precisely what a reporter does while conducting and presenting myself in public as a reporter. More on the wiretap frame-up at: MBTAPolice.org

New Video: Roxbury "Katrina" Rally

view: ---> the Katrina Rally

movie image movie image movie image

Freeman's second production for the Cambridge News Magazine "You Are Here" is now airing on CCTV Cambridge. This seven minute piece is from a rally in Roxbury subtitled "Katrina The Black Nation's 9-11"

The Boston Rosa Parks Civil Rights Day Committee Rally Video features Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, Klare Allen, Professor Tony Van Der Meer, Louise Powell and Bishop Teixeira. The theme is Government Negligence and topics include the battle over the Boston Bio-Terror Lab, CORI reform, education, war, racism, and poverty. See the rough-cut (no voice-over) here on on youtube. See all the publicly posted 492 Cafe videos here. Some of these videos, and many more are available on DVD.

Mighty Slim Video

A video co-edited by "Mighty Slim," guitarst Bassam Habal of the Chicken Slacks is on the table. The Chicken Slacks play a great retro-RNB-and-beyond show at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square o Thursdays: <http://chickenslacks.com>

SoniKart: Sacco and Vanzetti Parade

August 27 Stony Brook Park, Jamaica Plain, Boston:

The 492 Cafe's SoniKart provided sound at a memorial rally and parade for the state-murdered Italian Immigrant Anarchists.

Indymedia---> Article

SoniKart: Green Party Press Conference

August 29 State House, Beacon Hill, Boston:

The 492 Cafe's SoniKart provided sound reinforcement for Green-Rainbow Party Candidates Grace Ross (Governor), ? (Lt. Governor,) Jamie O'Keef () Jill Stein () and others at their press conference at the State House. Immediately after addressing commercial media crews the candidates crossed Beacon Street to drop off the signatures required before they can be put on the ballot. Amplification was indispensible because of traffic noise and disruptors who played music during the conference. We made sure that the television mics heard the message above the ambient city noise.

Green Rainbow Press Conference

492 Cafe provided the SoniKart to bring effective sound reinforcement services for the press conference. With our help, the television news crews collected their sound easily above the ambient traffic noise on Beacon Street.

Hear the recording made with the SoniKart on the Grace Ross for Governor website!

Video Shoot: Roxbury Katrina Rally

Buz Owen and I shot and recorded several hours of media at the memorial rally in Roxbury subtitled "Katrina The Black Nation's 9-11" The Boston Rosa Parks Civil Rights Day Committee Rally featured Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, Klare Allen, Professor Tony Van Der Meer, Louise Powell, Grace Ross and Bishop Teixeira. The theme was Government Negligence and topics included the Boston Bio-Terror Lab battle, CORI reform, education, war, racism, and poverty. This will air on CCTV Cambridge

SoniKart Serenades Rice at BC

The Challenge: When Stop The Wars Coalition called for a mobile sound system to protest War Criminal Condo-sleezza Rice, 492 Cafe created a mobile sound system just for the occasion...

Design and construction: A 14-channel mixer plus two "direct" inputs on a nimble three-wheel carriageallows easy field use of reliable and standardized professional gear. A battery-powered amplifier drives two horn speakers mounted on poles. 250 Watt power inverter, digital recording and playback.

Boston College main gate: Designed and built in four days, the untested system was assembled quickly along the narrow sidewalk. the loudspeakers were already up on seven-foot poles tightly secured to the barricade when the Reagan Babies plugged in. We were up and running right away with two mic stands for the live speakers and vocalists. The guitars and singing all sounded great. Protestors chanted "Shame Shame Shame!" together...in stereo!


SoniKart at Park Street

Bush Crimes Commission Links In

The Bush Crimes Commission kindly linked to 492 Cafe Here.

Freeman Z's Traincop "Wiretap" Frameup Appealed

in 2002, Freeman was attacked by a boston traincop. The cop, knowing he was acting illegally, spotted Freeman's eight-inch tall microphone in his hand at a demonstration on Boston Common, and went nuts, accusing the Reporter of hiding the mic, and charging him with wiretapping under Massachusetts law.



pig movie


The appeal brief, forged cooperatively by Attorney David Russman and Freeman Z, points out numerous failures in the persecution's case, which was a pack of testi-lies in the first place. Key challenges to the incorrect conviction, ("won" with an Aide to Mitt Romney on the Jury,) are the following points:

1. (Disorderly Conduct Charge) That it was not reckless, and did serve a legitimate purpose when the Reporter tossed his equipment away from the misbehaving traincop. Presumably, this cassette deck could have recorded the traincop's misconduct.

2. (Wiretapping Charge) The Persecution failed (despite their perjury) to show that the Reporter made any recording whatsoever, or that the allegedly wiretapped officers actually said anything. ...Oops!

3. (Wiretapping Charge) The Boston Municipal Court's 'conservative' Judge Forde issued faulty instructions to the Jury, stating that Freeman's rights were contingent upon his being engaged in "...legitimate news gathering..." This is, in the first place, false, as Reporters share the same rights as all Americans. Secondly, the Jury received no instruction whatsoever on what "legitimate news gathering" means.

Video Shoot: Michael Klare


Film by Aldo Tambellini wins award at Film Festival


When Artist Aldo Tambellini needed to record himself reading his own poetry for his new award-winning video, "Listen", he called the 492cafe, knowing he'd get the job done right. "I was working blind, ...without the video, which was still in production." said Freeman Z, "So I had to imagine from Aldo's description, what sort of mood would fit.

Tambellini's meticulous, and I appreciate that. There was a lot of creative tension between Aldo, his Producer, Anna, and myself, but we had a lot of fun. Then we cruised on over to Chinatown for a late-night feast!"


October 11, 2005

CONTACT; Producer: Anna Salamone

Listen, Experimental Short Film by Aldo Tambellini is a Prize Winner at the 30th New England Film and Video Festival

Aldo Tambellini, counter-culture rebel of the 60’s New York art scene, a video and multi media pioneer and award winning filmmaker was awarded First Place in the “Experimental Short by an Independent Filmmaker” category at last weekend’s New England Film and Video Festival, held October 6-10 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA.

Listen, makes a powerful anti-war statement. It is based on Tambellini’s poetry and is an experimental work that confronts today’s political world situation through the spoken word, visual poetry, written text and mass media imagery appropriation.  A segment includes sound and video clips of the artwork of Iraqi children exhibited at the Cambridge Multi-Cultural Center, Cambridge, MA. from the show “Shocked and Awed” funded by the Puffin Foundation.  

The film was co-edited and co-directed by long time friend and colleague, Anthony Tenczar, Professor of Communication Arts Department at University of New Hampshire, Manchester, N.H.. Their professional relationship began in the early 1980’s when Tambellini was a Fellow at MIT in the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and Tenczar was working at the cable television station at MIT. They collaborated on several creative international telecommunications projects under the name of Communicationsphere.

Listen was presented at the HOWL Festival in NYC in August of 2004. James Wines, Founder of “Sculpture in the Environment” (SITE), New York City, said of the film “Listen….is extremely relevant in the context of today’s world and represents a new creative direction in Aldo’s work. It combines video, film computer and Aldo’s poetic readings in a collage of powerful insights related to the war in Iraq and the issue of humanity’s destructive behavior in general.”

In 1969, 36 years earlier, Aldo Tambellini created one of the first and best known short experimental film about television called “Black TV.” This film won the Grand Prix at the Oberhausen Film Festival,. Germany, in 1969.   The film, distributed widely by Grove Press is now in the collection of the Harvard Film Archives, the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institute.

Aldo Tambellini and Anthony Tenczar are available for interviews and special programs.