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The SoniKart

Once used by the late Dr. Howard Zinn

Page Contents

  • Police Seizure and Court Victory
  • Description
  • Genesis of The Project
  • Who uses the SoniKart?

About the SoniKart

man with megaphone

The SoniKart is a Self-Powered, Self-Contained, Public Address, Recording and Playback System. It has much better coverage and far better sonic quality than a megaphone. It runs for hours on a charge.

A fourteen channel mixer sets on a rugged and compact three-wheeled chassis for easy mobility. Accessories include extra microphones and stands, a camera mount and a large umbrella.

  • self-powered
  • Plays recordings
  • provides several mics (w/stands)
  • Amplifies instruments
  • Makes Broadcast Quality Recordings
  • versatile...flexible
  • Lets you record, play, and speak
  • All this while you're on the move

The SoniKart is nimble in a march, and conveniently sophisticated and powerful at a standing rally.

Up to six microphone inputs for all your speaking talent.

A wireless input and a two-channel direct box can be added.

Broadcast quality recordings can be taken right off the mics!

The loudspeaker horns can be instantly reconfigured on the two amp channels, and the horns can be lofted on segmented 8-foot poles. A sonically delicious, large 20" horn now is mounted above the Kart, or on a tripod.

We have a variety of horns and compression drivers.

Transpo's easy on most MBTA rail lines.


Genesis of the SoniKart When the Jesuit University Boston College honored War Criminal "Condie" Rice, (whose policies an practices are clearly opposed by the Vatican,) the Stop The Wars Coalition was there. Freeman designed and built the SoniKart to satisfy the requirements of today's demonstration scenarios. Veterans and plain old Citizens wishing to speak out were plastered between barricades and hedges. Boston Police immediately said "No!" to the SoniKart. then, citing the not-quite-dead-yet US Constitution, (and perhaps even with some sympathy for the cause of speaking out against the worst possible administation ever,) an accord was reached, such that Captain Evans' crew, apparently responding to the State Department, told us to turn it down. And we did. The Reagan Babies performed, and many spoke out. What's the SoniKart Used for?

People of Note

The SoniKart has served dozens of regular non-celebrity folks. It has also amplified and recorded (often for broadcast) the voices of such notable people as...

And Performers Including...

  • The Reagan Babies

SoniKart Appearances

Boston College Jesuits Kiss Up to Condee
Park St. Station Several Events
Copley Square SeveralEvents
Park Plaza Peace in the Mideast
State House Green Party Press Conference
Government Ctr. Peace in the Mideast
N. Cambridge Street Interviews
Davis Sq. Street Interviews
Downtown Crossing Shop for Justice
Jamaica Plain Sacco and Vanzetti
Harvard Club "Halliburton" Cheney
Boston War Profiteers Shamed

Chuck TurnerBoston City Councilor Turner Speaks at Copley Square (with original imitation-Electrovoice horns)

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