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Voice Work: Radio Production and Live Performance

Freeman's humorous side airs randomly, and he's fond of phoning-in or emailing remixes of aired material back to the original broadcaster.

Hear also: Freeman's Music Recordings

Video Production and Voiceover

in 2011, the short video 20 Minutes by Chronos Film & Media received a regional award in theater and arts category. Freeman is credited as sound engineer, and sound effects and his voiceover as a television announcer made the final cut.

Radio Production and Voiceover

for Truth and Justice Radio -wzbc

for Dark Bot -Music for Lonely Robots -wmbr

TV Voiceover

for You Are Here News

Live Radio Interviews (as Guest)

with Truth and Justice Radio -wzbc

Radio News Production (field and studio)

News Reports for No Censorship Radio -wmbr

News Reports for WMBR Local News

Radio Drama

with Your Radio Nightlight -wzbc

One of Benjamen Walker's pieces from his bizarre award-winning series on wzbc, Your Radio Nightlight. Freeman and two friends from a very strange boarding school explore their shared past.

More Capricious Live Radio Bits

with Expanding Awareness -wzbc

with Batteries Not Included -wmbr

with The Most Merciful Thing -wmbr

(improvisational voice acting, 2006-8)

with Whad'ya know? -npr

Freeman Cracks 'Em up on Whadya know Live Comedy Quiz -Four Legs Good... (11:00)


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