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Stephen Soldz is psychoanalyst, psychologist, public health researcher, and faculty member at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. He is co-founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology and a steering committee member of Psychologists for Social Responsibility. He maintains the Psyche, Science, and Society blog, and a founder of Psychoanalysts for Peace.


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Promoted to Headline (H3) on 4/11/09:
Obama and human rights. Shame on me.



Promoted to Headline (H3) on 4/1/09:
John Brennan and the administration stalling on Bush torture memos...


Amy and David Goodman personally recognized Dr. Soldz by inviting him to the stage on their 2008 book tour, where he spoke briefly about his work, which they praise in their book...

Standing Up to the Madness:
Ordinary heroes or Extaordinary Times

We recorded David Goodman's talk on their new book, and produced the highly edited piece you will find linked above, along with photos and information.


Stephen Soldz Recordings

American Psychological Association's Role in US Torture

Dr. Soldz Challenges the APA's Torture Policy at a forum presented by Amy Hendrickson of Brookline Peace Works, also featuring Guantanamo Attorney Jeffrey Gleason. Note: Within a year, and under extreme internal pressure from membership, APA dramatically reformed its policy.

The Psychodynamics of Empire

492 Cafe recorded the Psychodynamics of Empire program and produced short radio edits which aired on WMBR News and No Censorship Radio.


Articles by Dr. Soldz



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