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Since 1987, Nancy Murray has been the director of the Bill of Rights Education Project at the ACLU of Massachusetts. She also directs its Civil Liberties Task Force, which focuses on post 9/11 developments. One of my favorite speakers, one who speeches require little, if any, editing.

Distinctly apart from her ACLU work, Dr. Murray also works on issues related to Palestine. For example, she is President of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation, and speaks in this capacity in one of the talks linked here. She is also involved with the BCPR (Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights.)

photo: Freeman Z

Nancy Murray, among 2,000 protestors outside Faneuil Hall as former US Attorney General John Ashcroft holds a meeting promoting the Patriot Act. The event is closed to the public and attended by "law enforcement" (Law Enforcement? Hmmm ...but which laws? Certainly not our Constitution, ... the one limiting governmental power!)

Sound from the protest (Voice of Vermin Supreme)

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