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Camilo Mejia

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Former Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia is billed as the first Iraq war veteran Imprisoned for refusing to return to Iraq. The forum, held at the Cambridge Friends Meeting House, was co-sponsored by UJP.

  • (00:45) Listen! -Don Gianini - First Introduction
  • (01:23) Listen! -Mike Prokosh - Second Introduction
  • (43:15) Listen! -Camilo Mejia's Speech on his torture activity, and his personal stand of resistance
  • (20:30) Listen! -Mejia answers Audience Questions
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    About Camilo Mejia

    28 year old Camilo Mejia joined the military in part to get money for college. In April 2003 he was in Iraq, where he engaged in combat, saw civilians being killed and witnessed the abuse of prisoners. His conscience and sense of morality would not let him continue. On leave back in the US, he refused to return to Iraq. In March 2004 a US military tribunal sentenced Camilo to one year in prison. He was released early this year. Camilo now criss-crosses the country speaking out on behalf of other soldiers whose conscience will not allow them to be part of an “illegal and immoral” war.

    Mejia is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and a witness offering testimony to the Bush Crimes Commission.

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The Commission will inquire into the following charges:

  • Count 1: The Bush administration authorized a war of aggression against Iraq.
  • Count 2: The Bush administrations authorized conduct of the war that involved the commission of “war crimes.”
  • Count 3: The Bush administration authorized the occupation of Iraq involving, and continuing to involve, the commission of “war crimes”, “crimes against humanity” and other illegal acts.

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