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Granny D Recordings

Recording Edited by Freeman Z

Doris "Granny D" Haddock is a champion of grass roots political campaign reform, and a wonderful speaker. The Utne Reader magazine published my photo of Doris. She has written a very nice book, which I recommend, "Walking Across America in my Ninetieth Year" I gave my copy to my mother.

Editor's Note: Doris is an exceptional speaker. However, this particular speech is extensively edited because the event hosts refused to provide her an amplifier, though she was at the time ninety six and emphysemic. Apparently it would offend their antiquarian-style aesthetics. To fill the room, Doris had to shorten her sentences, ruining her perfect cadence. To restore the speech required thousands of tweaks. I believe you'll be pleased with this recording. And I hope that she will be, too! (No, it wasn't at the Concord Antiquarian Society, they have some common sense!) -Freeman Z

Granny D reading in Concord

Granny D reading in Concord, 2001 (photo: Freeman Z)

Granny D

Freeman also made this graphic which was long displayed posted on GrannyD.com


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