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Conflict in the Middle East

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Robert Fisk is one of few surviving Middle-East Reporters neither 'imbedded' in, nor murdered by the US military.

This filthy and quite literally fascist Pentagon tactic intentionally contaminates our press, whose proper function is critical to Democracy.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky recorded with the Rolling Stones. His work in linguistics inspired the name "Nim Chimsky" for a chimpanzee trained in sign language. He even shared an office at M.I.T with the legendary Latvian-American Phonologist Morris Halle.

Robert Fisk-side shot

April 9, 2006 at M.I.T.

About the Talk:

Fisk immediately strips the corporate-press whitewash of Administration war crimes in Iraq. Then he reveals a truth even more profound than the danger suffered by Americans for believing Administration propaganda.

Robert Fisk shows us with stunning parallels to Rome, and then to Britain, that this has happened before. That each time, the invaders came to conquer, claiming to liberate. And that each time, the reigning empire suffered a humiliating defeat. I know that this Administration's 'policies' will end with the defeat either of the Administration, or of the already battered heart of my own tremendously vulnerable country.

The FCC operates under the Executive. The Corporations propagandizing our "public" airwaves include General Electric and others who are among the greatest weapons producers and profiteers of the current war crimes. The only people who don't know how hated America (and therefore Americans) have become under this imperial agenda, with torture, bombings, invasions and so much more ...are the Americans. Most of us view the corporate news passively, not as a means of deciding how to act, (beyond chimp-like voting booth lever-pulls of non-choices pre-selected by capital,) but as a statement of inevitability, of "how it is." Rabbi Michael Lerner refers to this as idolotatry, the worshipping of the way thing are, as opposed to God, which he calls "the possibility of possibilities."

American Military personnel and their families are, as in the Viet Nam involvement, the ones waking up first and the ones who are leading the resistance. With recruitment down, the resistance awaits the return of the draft to solidify opposition by the sheeple who continue driving SUV's as though oil does not the equal the blood of innocent civilians, of American soldiers, and the victims of the terrorism the Administration has ensured.

Chomsky's introduction places Fisk correctly in context as a truth-teller intentionally shunned an American corporate monopoly media machine.

-Freeman Z

From the Presenters:

"Perhaps it was the special blend of like-minded Armenians gathered in one place. Or the sense that we were all part of a larger, incipient progressive movement sweeping the country. What is clear is that there was a great thirst for an event like this in our community. And what is obvious now is that we should all strive to build on the momentum generated by this conference. We need to move forward by remaining engaged and connected to each other, working for good causes including the Armenian Cause." 



Or Hear the recording posted by M.I.T.

Domestic Control of Independent Press

What can happen to an independent Journalist right here in the United States under patriot act police-state hysteria?

In the course of completely normal reporting activity, Freeman Z, whose recordings you are hearing, was illegally intimidated by an MBTA Police Officer. The MBTA Police are tight with Homeland Security. Because Freeman held a microphone at the time of the illegal intimidation, he was falsely prosecuted, and convicted through MBTA Police perjury ...for felony wiretapping...at a peace demonstration on Boston Common.

"The most horrifying aspect of this," Said Freeman, "other than the utter abandonment of this story by the corporate press, who think it can't happen to them if they tow the Administration line, Is the general consensus denial that we are now living in something other than a Police State where "Mainstream Press" means Government mouthpiece, and "Freedom" is merely a rhetorical phrase..." More

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