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A Special Message on Gaza from Noam Chomsky

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The Unpeoples & the Elections:
A Debriefing with Noam Chomsky, Vijay Prashad & Val Moghadam


Avram Noam Chomsky's site chomsky.info Wikipedia on Noam Chomsky
Video: Wm. F. Buckley appears to threaten Noam Some info on Noam Chomsky


Chomsky speaks at The Fletcher School at Tufts University

photo: FreemanZ

Uncle Noam
photo: FreemanZ


Building Democracy from Below, Dismantling Democracy from Above


  • Steve Meacham of Vida Urbana / City Life
  • Noam Chomsky


Principled Resistance to the Israeli Occupation

Uncle Noam
photo: FreemanZ

Uncle Noam


After The Elections

Noam Chomsky Looks at the Elections, the Economy & the World (A Fundraiser for Mass Global Action)

11/20/08 -With Sergio Reyes, introduced by Dorotea Manuella and Kim Folz.

photo: Radio Free Maine



Anniversary of RESIST
Resisting Illegitimate Authority in Today’s Political Context

Also featuring Bill Fletcher, Mandy Carter, Camillo Mejia and Laura Flanders

This raw recording was the source for an edition of "Making Contact" radio program featuring this event titled "Resisting Illegitimate Authority in Today’s Political Context"

This version is more tightly edited than what aired on Making Contact.

Uncle Noam


Uncle Noam
photo: FreemanZ


US Terrorism: The Cuba Five
(with Michael Avery)

Noam Chomsky and Former National Lawyers Guild President Michael Avery speak on the topic of the Cuba Five and assocated US state-sponsored terrorism against this tiny island nation which displays the unmitigated chutzpacity to defy itself against the century old Monroe Doctrine of US domination of the hemisphere.

Note that the Clinton years brought us "Full Spectrum Domination" policy.




The Armenian Genocide
(with Middle East Journalist Robert Fisk)

In this brief talk, Noam explains Fisk's accomplishments. Includes comments on US media and imperialism.

Includes Fisk's mind-blowing history of imperial occupations on the Middle East, from Rome, through Britain to the present disaster.

Uncle Noam
photo: Freeman Z

Uncle Noam
photo: Freeman Z


Chomsky at C.I.S.P.E.S.

A speech for C.I.S.P.E.S. Focusing on US policy regarding Central America



Some Talk at M.I.T.

Classic Noamster on hegemony and related issues

Freeman Z sets a microphone on Dr. Avram Noam Chomsky, as Christopher Lydon (background,) prepares to record a press feed.

photo: Radio Free Maine

Uncle Noam



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