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Simon Shaheen

Palestinian Master of Arabic Music plays in Cambridge, Ma.

Simon Shaheen plays at a Boston fund raiser for the Palestinian Childrens Relief Fund. Recorded by Freeman Z. Noam Chomsky spoke, also.

Shaheen plays an old Italian instrument from 1773 made by Alexandri Gagliano.

    "He made it to be played by Paganini, you know ...and people like this. But imagine he is still alive today and he listened to me playing Arabic music on it." (laughter, applause)


  • Oud (8:00, 5.5MB)
  • Violin (14:45, 10MB)

Simon Shaheen's Annual Arabic Music Retreat will be held from August 9-16, 2008 at Mt. Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Simon Shaheen .com

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