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David Rovics

Rovics guitar

David Rovics travels and performs all around the world. He pops up at major political demonstrations worldwide. I've heard him in Washington D.C., and while documenting the huge New York City march of February 15, 2003, I looked up and saw him on a jumbotron screen.

2006 -David Rovics on tour with Alistair Hulett -Listen!

I was wondering when I might catch another recording of David for the 492 Cafe when his tour with Alistair Hulett was announced. I packed my gear and hit the road. David and Alistair said okay, so we recorded this with four channels, three condensor mics (vocal, guitar neck and rosette) and a direct input from the guitar. I played a lot of games with the mixdown, and I'm proud of the results.

2004 -David Rovics and the Black Tea Society at the DNC -Listen!

This is a precious piece of Boston Anarchist History. Activists in the Black Tea Society sing songs with David.

Black Tea refers to the celebrated act of property destruction committed on the good ship Beaver when American Colonists (who were enraged by another of King George's "Intolerable Acts") jettisoned a cargo of tea from the berthed vessel.

There's an implied reference to the the Black 'T' emblem of the local transit system. One particularly crooked member of the Transit Police framed Freeman Z as a felon wiretapper, simply for reporting from Boston Common. The cop didn't want his photo taken, and constructed a bunch of lies, committing criminal perjury, to force a false conviction.

Here's what David Rovics had to say about Freeman Z in 2004.

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