492 Cafe -Ethan Miller and Evan Greer

New England Anarchist Book Fair


"Evan Greer's a talented young Boston performer with tons of energy."

-Freeman Z

"Evan Greer is an eloquent and energetic writer. He reminds me of Phil Ochs."

-Howard Zinn

Ethan Miller's just the kind of performer that America, especially young America needs to codify the discontent of those who, for example, might be fearing their own future, or the prospect of conscription under an imperial regime that increasingly devolves to serve the whims of a shrinking circle of a very few.


This was one helluva show. Just one set, but tons of juice. These mofo's are difficult to can, but here's what we got at the end of the hunt...err, growing season?


Recorded with four condensor mics, dynamically mixed and effected:

Recorded with a stereo mic (Mid-Side electret) from about ten feet:


  • Ethan Miller at RCC in 2003
  • More Miller, Greer and other neat stuff at riotfolk.org


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