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Fusion of Arabic and Jazz !

Mochilla features Arabic/Jazz arrangements by Mohammad Kundos of Brandeis University. Instrumentation includes percussion (Rik, Tabla, Frame Drum), Oud, Trombone, Cello, Piano, Saxophone, Keyboard, and no singing, ...but yes, spoken word.



Arabian Nightingales

We snagged this set of recordings at the Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee's annual banquet.


Simon Shaheen

Palestinian Master of Arabic Music

More about Simon Shaheen and his Annual Arabic Music Retreat in Western Massachusetts.


Aboud Agha

Aboud Agha is the lead vocalist of the Boston based Sharq Ensemble, and the Sayyed Darweesh project by the Chicago Classical Oriental Ensemble. Aboud is an accomplished oud player. He has studied Maqam, vocal technique and oud with Simon Shaheen. He currently studies music at Berklee School of Music in Boston.


Andy Pratt

Several one-of-a kind recordings of Andy "Avenging Annie" Pratt. Some live, some from the 492 Cafe studio, And all Andy.

Andy Pratt


David Rovics

World famous Folk Singer

  • with the Black Tea Society of Anarchists
  • with Scottish Folkster Alistair Hulett.

Some superb tracks dwell here.


Sergio Reyes

Sergio Reyes was born in Chile. He is a former prisoner of the Pinochet dictatorship. He sings songs of love and struggle by Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Ali Primera, and his own songs, as well.

Reyes firmly believes in the proposition made by Ernesto "Che" Guevara that "revolution is an act of love" and this is what he reflects in his performance. He is not a Musician "who sings revolutionary songs," but rather, a Revolutionary who sings.



Ethan Miller

Two performances from amazing Riot Folk-er Ethan. One from Roxbury in 2003, and the other is from April 2006 in the Copley Square area.

Ethan Miller


Evan Greer

Evan Greer's another talented Riot Folk Performer.

Ethen appeared with Ethan at the Community Church of Boston and pops up randomly and anarchically. We recorded him at a Sacco Vanzetti event for which the Cafe managed sound, and even found a movie of the same performance.

Evan Greer

Jake and The Infernal Machine

Jake's a dedicated anarchist organizer who makes things happen in Boston. We recorded "The Machine" live while managing sound for an outdoor rally at Copley Square.


The Foundation Movement

The Foundation is a Boston area Political performance group that can be heard at many political rallies. You can see them in one of Freeman Z's videos that was broadcasted on TV.



Ian MacKinnon

As G.W. Bush, Cambridge Political Satirist Ian MacKinnon will sing you silly!

Ian's accompanied by Dick Cheney on Piano in the Ashcroftian anthem The Sun Never Sets on the Eagle.

Ian MacKinnon

Robby Roadsteamer

From the Sweatpant Boners front man. These recordings come from the 2005 Freedom Rally of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition.

Here's a quick sample (2:11) ...and be sure to check out Freeman Z's remix of George W. Bush Eats Corn the Long Way!



Reunion performances from Whitecap, a popular New England cover band of the 70's.

Hear Whitecap play "Friend of the Devil" sans Bruce Marshall's vocal, but with his guitar track (on the left,) in this uplifting little video Freeman Z made for a political activism project...


Street Performers Section

  • Live Music from Boston Subways
    • Jazz Banjo
    • Accordion
  • Folk Guitarist Matt Sturkin from Manhattan
  • Centro Presente
  • Murder Elite
  • The Foundation Movement
  • David Maxwell


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