George Galloway
"On The Arab Blockade of Gaza"

British Member of Parliament and Founder of the Respect Party speaking at the Palestinian Cultural Center for Peace in Boston
Aired on WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio.

Finished Recordings

2010_02_01-Abu-Ayash-v1.0.mp3 (10:10 Mono , 8MB)
-Welcome from Salma Abu-Ayash

2010_02_01-Galloway-v2.7.mp3 (53:00 , Mono , 39MB)
-Galloway's Speech (w/2 minute intro from Salma Abu-Ayash)

Rough Cut of Entire Program

2010_02_01-Galloway-v1.0.mp3 (1:43:37 , Mono , 76MB)

  1. Welcome from Salma Abu-Ayash
  2. Galloway Speech
  3. Fund Raising
  4. Q and A

Chronological Index

  • 0:00:00 (Salma Abu-Ayash) "Good evening..."
  • 0:12:37 (Salma Abu-Ayash) "Welcome George..." ... (applause...)
  • 1:03:29 Fund raising begins
  • 1:10:35 Q and A begins
  • 1:34:28 Fund raising total updated to over 20K$
  • 1:35:23 mic signature
  • 1:36:00 final question
  • 1:43:17 Fund raising total: over 30K$
  • 1:43:37 end of program

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Allston-Brighton Tab: "British MP tells Allston audience its time end to (sic) Gaza Strip blockade" (includes reader comments)

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Galloway reports on the third convoy and the closing of the last remaining land route through Egypt by "Mr. tin-pot dictator Mubarak," before a planned convoy to be lead by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, leaving only the Port of Gaza (Paul Larudee's route, as told at PCCP last year and recorded by FZ,) for relief access.

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Also presented by the Palestinian Cultural Center for Peace:
Paul Larudee "Breaking the Seige of Gaza by Sea"

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