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Boston's new A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition protests war, racism and corruption at Dudley Station. ...Freeman Z's SoniKart delivers loud and clean sound throughout Roxbury's major bus terminal.


The ANSWER Coalition's Chris Gonsalves speaks out against war and racism across from Dudley Station.

Above the young anti-war organizer's head, attached to the locked bank building behind him, (and hovering above what is clearly public property,) an authoritative sign fibs "No Trespassing." But Chris isn't buying what they're selling, deception, powerlessness and oppression. Armed with his permit to demonstrate, (a permit which specifies amplified sound, of course,) Chris is determined to speak out LOUDLY against war, corruption and greed.

He arrived with friends and supporters in a synchronized international day of action...

And just as he did a few weeks earlier when he needed amplification for the T Rider's Union's press conference at the Massachusetts State House, Chris called on Freeman Z's 492 Cafe to manage sound.

We managed to project over a hundred decibels of clean, constitutionally-protected speech uniformly throughout the station. We measured 130 at the source, and that dropped to 110 across the street, but acoustic reflections kept levels high at much greater distances without significant loss of intelligibility.

The SoniKart's light years beyond the megaphone. Today we used a professional Shure broadcast preamplifier, a 12-volt amplifier and a 75-Watt compression driver with a deep, 36-inch horn to deliver crisp and clear wide-range sound at pretty surprising levels.

The preamp accepts four microphones or other inputs simultaneously, the long horn, with its powerful and efficient driver, provides high sound pressure levels and smooth bass response. The automotive amplifier makes it all portable. With Boston charging $180.00 for a hour's use of a park outlet, (and strick rules on generators,) it's very economical. For bands we use a console with ten mic inputs. We can amplify music for a couple hundred, push some big speakers ...all on batteries.
-Freeman Z



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