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-A Special Message from Noam Chomsky about Gaza

Combatants for Peace

A Special Message from Noam Chomsky


2009_03_06-Combatants-v1.0.mp3 (rough cut)



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492 Cafe offers a selection of Broadcast-Quality recordings of Noam Chomsky talks from the Boston area.

List of all Noam Chomsky Material


Principled Resistance to the Israeli Occupation featuring Shachaf Polakov (of Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall,) and Leila Farsakh
A speech for C.I.S.P.E.S. Focusing on US policy regarding Central America
Anniversary of RESIST: featuring Bill Fletcher, Mandy Carter, Camillo Mejia and Laura Flanders

US Terrorism and The Cuba Five (with Michael Avery)

After The Elections: Chomsky Looks at Obama, the Elections, the Economy & the World

The Armenian Genocide (with Journalist Robert Fisk)

Includes Fisk's mind-blowing history of imperial occupations on the Middle East, from Rome, through Britain to the present disaster.

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