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5 Years in Iraq and Afghanistan

A Memorial Vigil on Boston Common


(as aired on WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio)

  • The Entire Vigil in stereo (30:00, 40MB)
  • The Entire Vigil in mono (30:00, 20MB)


    1. Introduction by Freeman Z
    2. Music -Chuck Williams: On The Line
    3. Speech -Paul Shannon from AFSC of Cambridge
    4. George Capaccio, ? and others: Names of the Dead
    5. Amazing Grace
    6. Jane Collins, Author, For Love of a Soldier (website)
    7. Music -Raging Grannies
    8. Maureen Hearn
    9. Susan Lees of Cambridge UJP
    10. Mélida Arredondo
    11. Carlos Arredondo
    12. Student Activists on Harvard, B.U. and Washington DC actions
    13. "Bagel Dan" Kontoff reports on Boston civil disobedience and arrests
    14. A Parting Song




Mélida and Carlos Arredondo are some of the thousands of Americans who have lost a family member in Iraq. Their son Alexander's name is among those recited at the vigil. Another, Andrew Bacevich, was the son of a Career Army Officer, BU Professor and policy expert with the same name. 492 Cafe prepared his talk "Ten Points on US Foreign Policy" for radio broadcast on WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio in 2006. Here's a 30 second promo for the broadcast.

Rupert "undue foreign influence" Murdoch's local arm of his fake news network whitewashed all the veteran and military family participation in this event from their "report." They misreported the event as a "protest," a word uttered only once that day (as "This is not ...a protest.") A veteran was labeled "protestor." (more on Faux Snooze follows, below)

Vigilers listen to Chuck Williams

Marcus Surrealeus: "Waterboard Bush!" Not everyone assumed the somber tone set by organizers at this public event. Markus Nechay (who signs his paintings "Marcus Surrealeus") often appears in costume. The "Waterboard Bush"sign was brought by a man who has spent years helping New Orleans victims of the government negligence (and worse) to recover their lives. ...They will, of course, never recover their homes. (video)

492 Cafe's custom designed and built "SoniKart," (foreground) let Veterans for Peace and others be heard shaming Condee "Chevron" Rice at Boston College's commencement. It has pursued Dick Cheney (aka "Halliburton" Cheney, "Deadeye Dick," or just plain old "Dick.") Freeman has personally delivered a claim against the city of Boston to the Mayor and his attorney, as well as the Police Commissioner, in response to Boston's illegal seizure of the system during Candidate Ross' speeech outside a Cheney fund raiser. (Post-trial, The SoniKart was collected disassembled into over 200 pieces.) 492 Cafe also responded by helping to raise over $25K in 2008 for progressive causes.

Here, the battery-operated system provides high-fidelity live sound amplification for the crowd, while saving money othewise collected by the City of Boston, which charges about $200.00 for electricity. The 'Kart fired up a pair of (can ya believe it?) American made JBL loudspeakers.

The recordings posted above were made with this workstation, with post production by Freeman Z using the ProTools LE Digital Editing system.

"Protest" distorted on Boston Fox's "News"

As the corporate press whores-of War glorified the anniversary of the beginning of the greatest war crime of the millennium, a couple of hundred people assembled in the rain on Boston Common to remember the war dead.

View the Faux Snooze Fake Report here

In the TV clip, you can hear a bit of sound from the event, "...lies..." (this sound bite aired on Faux, possible due to their hurried carelessness) and you can see a loudspeaker covered in plastic behind the man who's interviewed (He's a veteran, but Faux Snooze labels him simply "protester.") Faux showed up very late. Their production work is clearly inferior in style and content, even compared to the other locals.

What did Faux Snooze "miss?"

  • This was not a protest, It was a somber vigil. Names of war dead (civilians included,) were read aloud. There was no chanting. The recording here includes the (Fox-Purged) statement that this is a vigil, not a rally.
  • Veterans and their families had a strong presence. (Faux ALWAYS "misses" the presence of Veterans, and even has misreported a veteran-led action, taking pains to find a civilian to interview among the veterans, then snidely commenting "They'll never serve.")
  • Organizations were not named Banners and organizations were purged. (As compared to "181 Charlie," a clear identity.)
  • Note that these are National Guard ("Guardsmen") who were never intended for foreign deployment. In fact, some say, their role is to protect us from the Federal Government. The Constitution does not call for a standing army, presumably because the "framers" knew this would enable the Federal Government to do bad things. They were correct. D. W. Eisenhower warned us (vintage video) that our country was being taken over by war industrialists. That was quite a while ago.

How did Citizen Rupert's Faux spin the story?

  • Focus on happy reunions with absolutely no mention, in text or video, of a million Iraqis murdered by the US Soldier's dismissive comment about "protestors" states that our "freedom" to have a "protest" comes from his willingness to "fight." Our freedom comes somehow from his complicity in war crimes, rather than from our own determination. Protestors are portrayed as being selfish, worried, primarily about money, maybe welfare "handouts." (Obviously, these misguided souls have no understanding of the importance of the mission. They just want free school lunches for their kids.)
  • "Bombs reigned down on Baghdad" coincides with a child waving a US flag. ...Boys will be boys!
  • Soldier refers to the Bush Halliburton war crimes as "their war" (the soldiers' war) Wars, last time I checked, are waged not by lowly soldiers, but by the ruling class
  • "It's all you think about..." Really? You don't think about morality? About policy? About Iraqis? How noble. "...Were on a protective mission..." So were the Gestapo, if you ask them. Protecting the "Homeland," a phrase that's infiltrated our national vocabulary of late.
  • The claim that the soldiers passed the "protest" may be false. Neither location was mentioned. (Whatever happened to "...Who What Why Where When?")
  • Iraq Veterans Against The War had just completed "Winter Soldier" a national project bearing witness to US war crimes, including, in some cases, their own. Modeled after the Vietnam era action of the same name, (I believe that was the source of the famous John Kerry "Monster" speech,) it was skillfully ignored by the corporate press whores. They had an unexplained slew of antique shows and heroic cat rescue stories to report about instead, I'm sure.

Would the National Guardsman have made the same comment had he actually seen the vigil? Rupert Murdoch's Fox makes sure we'll never know.

More Local Corporate Propaganda Press Spin

From WHDH ...if (the protestors) had a clue..." (source)

Meanwhile in Boston, protesters were arrested for blocking the entrance into the Armed Forces Recruitment Center. The protesters dressed up as wounded Iraqis and soldiers, and chanted for the end of the war and removal of troops from the region.

"I just think if they had clue as to what were go through over there and what our families for through back here, they might have a different view on it," Staff Sgt. Sean Fitzgerald said.

The five demonstrators who were arrested are expected to be arraigned in court Thursday.

Apparently, Staff Sgt. Sean Fitzgerald has a clearer view of the world than all the veterans, intellectuals and family members in our camp. Can you imagine the corporate news whores running a quote from someone who's in the majority standing against the war, in which the soldiers are said to be ignorant?

The pattern is clear. The corporate press will paint those who speak out against the corporate war as clueless, where our noble soldiers know the real deal. How convenient it is for them not to ask for credentials of the speakers whose qualifications often outshine their opponents, whose own military service or loss of a family member is simply ignored.

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