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Recording Session:

Bread and Puppet Theater Founder Peter Schumann Performs...

"The University Of Majd"

at the Boston Center for the Arts


The University Of Maj'd (24:00)

Bread and Puppet Theater founder Peter Schumann performed The University Of Maj'd just for our recording, a few days after Truth and Justice producer Stan Robinson and This Week in Palestine's host Sherif Fam heard the piece in a live show at the Boston Center for the Arts. The radio guys asked 492 Cafe to record part of the show for broadcast, and Mary Curtin (also of SLSAPS, Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society brass band,) helped arrange the session.

I've recorded a few solo violin performances, including Palestinian Simon Shaheen and a Boston Symphony player. This Gypsy violin Schumann uses here sounds more like what I did with Kat Hernandez on Ian MacKinnon's secretive Ishmael project. We used the same stereo pair of mics as with Peter Schumann, plus Kat's violin's inbuilt mic. In both cases, you have a stereo, and a mono sound to integrate in the mixing. With Schumann, the center channel also has vocals. The Hernandez mix, however, is static. There are no changes in the relative balance of stereo and mono.

This is one take with three microphones. The stereo product posted here has a little snip, and lots of tweaks of the levels and stereo-to-mono balance.

-Freeman Z

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