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9-11 Truth Conference

Faneuil Hall, Boston

My first media work on this topic was as a Camera Operator and later as a graphic artist on a television production featuring John Judge, one of many, many intelligence insiders who screamed bloody murder after 9-11. Judge is not a controlled demolition advocate. Rather, Judge explains that incompetence is the rule, apparently implying to some extent, that the attacks were tolerated, if not cultivated by the Government. And CIA Analyst Ray McGovern, whom you will hear in the recordings presented below, goes further. (Ray McGovern routinely briefed three US Presidents.)

What amazes and disturbs me about America's collective response to the Truth movement is this...

Where the actions of the Government before, during, and after the attacks, on every level, whether military, investigative or in policy, have been irrefutably inadequate, inappropriate or flat-out insane, how is it that those who "dare" to ask the hard questions are constantly under personal attack?

The truth movement is founded on the observation that the official "investigation" is at best, a pathetic, insulting, and inane whitewash, and at worst a complicitous coverup. (as most agree was the case with the Kennedy Warren Commission.)

The fact that the September Eleven attacks were a conspiracy is irrefutable to all who understand the definition of the word. Yet, good Americans who reject the official story are branded "conspiracy theorists," ...as if adherents of the implausible "official conspiracy theory" are somehow exempt from this pigeonhole.

The cultivation of the "conspiracy theorist" phrase as a tool of character assassinators is itself a subject worthy of study, as conspiracies are not fairy tales, but a mundane fact of life.

As a movement, 9-11 Truth is quite rational. It says that if the Government's "investigation" is a pile of implausible whitewash, then there's reason to believe the worst of all possibilities, that the Government has, yet again, (see: Pearl, Tonkin, USS Maine) engineered an opportunity to con the citizenry into another insane war for private profit and the acceptance of the unconstitutional (in my day that word was synonymous with "illegal") "security" state.

The corporate media, and citizens' collective psychological denial of the Government's obvious role, (whether it was active or passive,) have combined to encourage defamation against those who demand truth in the form of a real investigation. The maligned are assumed to hold certain views, and these are invariably the views which the projector finds most uncomfortable and most implausible. If I don't accept the Governmet whitewash, then I believe that aliens brought down the buildings.

Most insulting though, is the "trump card" repeatedly hurled at dissenters ...the Popular Mechanics "debunking." Suddenly now, I'm supposed to accept as indisputable fact, the words of the Hearst Corporation, perhaps the single worst offender of truth in the history of American media? William R. Hearst, the man who tried in vain to persuade Roosevelt to give American helium to Hitler for the Graff zeppelin and the Hindenburg. The man Orson Welles provoked into boycotting Citizen Cane's advertisement. The man who, for personal financial reasons, (he owned pulp forests) manufactured completely false yarns in the vein of "Reefer Madness," defaming marijuana and its users as rapists and killers to destroy the hemp industry. Oh yes, that truth seeker William R, Hearst. Hearst, manufacturer of fake propaganda for the masses that's taylored for the interests of the political elite? Yes, that Hearst.

It was years after the event that I saw footage of Building 7 folding in on itself like a house of cards that it hit me. "Why hadn't I seen this before?" This was for me, and for many Americans, the awakening. Unfortunately, the most visible 9-11 advocates are the least skilled, and they have done the movement great damage with counterproductive abusive verbal attacks that seem designed to deepen the denial.

As a sound engineer, when working with Zinn, Chomsky and others, I've had to cut the mic on some of these loose cannon types. And each time this happens, I feel sad, because a room full of people have had the least plausible conspiracy theory, the Government's, socially reinforced.

And the worst part of it for me is this. I have worked with many 9-11 Truthers, and nothing like those disturbed characters cutting holes in their lifeboat. Many folks whom I call friends have been calling for a real investigation for years. Among them are families of victims, intelligence experts and some very smart people whose fields of expertise include metallurgy, physics and various engineering specialties.

On the other hand, old friends have flown off the handle, hurling cruel words of abuse because I may not share their views on 9-11. But the fact remains that nobody really agrees on 9-11, because the whole damned thing doesn't make sense, and particularly the official story. So I see two camps. One that seeks to understand what happened, and one that wants to shovel it all into the dim past.

A famous slogan beloved by the violent and ignorant people who backed the war crimes and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan reads "Remember 9-11!" Indeed, but isn't it necessary first, to understand it?

-Freeman Z

492 Cafe managed sound for this two day event sponsored by Boston 9-11 Truth, and produced the soundtrack for the entire event for videographers to use. Thanks to Steve Cornie for his wonderful work on this job.
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Nancy Murray (Radio Edit)

Nancy Murray of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts

Speech: Civil Liberties in the Post-9/11 Era (00:20:37)

Nancy Murray at the John Ashcroft "Patriot Act" Protest at Faneuil Hall

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Video of the Conference

Steven Jones

Physics of the Three Building Collapses
-Produced by Paul Payne

This video uses 492 Cafe's soundtrack, edited by Freeman Z

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Audio from the Conference

Part A (01:56:00)
  • Mark McKertich’s introduces Ray McGovern
  • Veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern
  • Architect Richard Gage's presentation on the Three Collapses

Part-B (00:15:17)
  • Q and A with Richard Gage
  • Mark McKertich announces lunch break

Part-C (02:43:40)
  • Dr. Steven Jones' presentation, including collection of audience questions
  • (starts at 01:15:00) Ray McGovern introduces Kevin Ryan
  • Kevin Ryan
  • (starts at 02:15:00) Joel Hirschorn

Part-D (00:38:00)
  • Panel Discussion w/Q and A
Part-E (00:52:11)
  • Jason King introduces Jim Hoague and Robert Bowman
  • (starts at 2:20) Jim Hoague: Ethan Allen report on the Commons
  • (starts at 7:00) Jason King introduces Robert Bowman
  • (starts at 10:30) Ray McGovern
  • (starts at 30:30) Nancy Murray
Part-F (00:42:00)
  • Barbara Honneger
  • Donna Marsh O’Conner

Soundtrack Notes

These are mixed from multichannel recordings made by the event sound engineers, Freeman Z and Steve Cornie.

The original recordings are up to eight channels, mixed down to one mono product. They are intended for video soundtrack use, and therefore, (except the Nancy Murray radio edit, aired on WZBC-FM) the recordings have no snips.

Great value was given to the audience response. Clapping likely to be seen by the lectern microphone is also included when possible, in order that no action in the video becomes oddly silent.

Adjustments include: equalization reduction or removal of “p-popping” and other plosives, removal of mic handling noise, useless open channels, and other tweaks the editor’s video experience suggested. “Umms and ahs” can’t be removed while retaining the synchronization needed by the video producers, but some were lowered in intensity.


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