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Jeffrey Taylor

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Dr. Taylor is appears courtesy of the Antiwar League of Boston, The event was organized by Doug Fuda.


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Many Americans are scrathing their heads pondering the question of whether there's "a dime's worth of difference" between Democrats and Republicans, particularly in terms of foreign policy.

The Jefferson-Hamilton debate is one of the formative conversations in American discourse. Americans overwhelmingly support the Jeffersonain democratic ideals, yet, no matter how we vote, we fall farther each election cycle from the shared goal of democratic rule, and further into capitalist "corpocratic" aristocracy.

Taylor focuses on the issue of Jeffersonian philosophy, noting that, although Jeffersonian rhetoric at campaign time is an effective means of gaining popularity and votes, inevitably, the same candidates execute a Hamiltonian agenda.

Taylor's talk explains how we have come to this point, tracing the co-opting and subversion of the philosophy Americans have sought for so long.

Jeff Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Western Illinois University. His book, Where Did the Party Go? William Jennings Bryan, Hubert Humphrey, and the Jeffersonian Legacy, was published by University of Missouri Press in 2006.

Dr. Jeff Taylor will speak and answer questions about such topics as the conflict between isolationism and imperialism, the lack of difference between the two major parties on foreign policy, and the "Jeffersonian" tendencies of the American people vs. the "Hamiltonian" outlook of the foreign policy elite. The talk will also include analysis of recent political developments such as the failure of the Democratic-controlled Congress to oppose the Iraq war and the growing interest in the Ron Paul presidential candidacy.

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