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This project is dedicated to Ron's buddy Doc, one of the wrongfully convicted who never made it to freedom, ...and to all people trapped in cages ...whether of iron, or of the mind.

I offer this series in hopes of releasing even a few well-meaning folks from the prison of their own misunderstanding of the American "Criminal" Justice System and misplaced faith in retribution. R.I.P., Doc. And thank you, Ron Keine. -Freeman Z

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Death Penalty Arguments from Q and A

  • Ronald Keine (in production) No Apologies, Walking Corpses, Execution Cost...
  • Michael Avery-B -A Personal Struggle: My Sister Was Killed... (6:45 4.6MB)
  • Stephen Hrones-B -Two More Arguments: Innocence and Cost... (2:00 1.3MB)

Radio Segments

(As aired on Truth and Justice Radio) Each piece includes an introduction, all of that speaker's edited content, a mention of 492cafe.org and a teaser for the next installment, if applicable.

Student Event Organizer Anthony Naro Receives NLG Student Award!

The National Lawyers Guild has chosen Suffolk Law student Anthony Naro to receive its Student Award.

Naro is being recognized for his contribution to the legal community through his public service work.

He has been active in the Suffolk Defenders legal clinic, has served as president of the National Lawyers Guild Suffolk Student Chapter, and is a visible leader in the Law School community, known for his kind smile and commitment to others.

Naro will work at the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office after graduation.


Law Student and Event Organizer Anthony Naro

Bonus: New Mexico Prison Guards Charged


Ronald Keine -Death Row Survivor

Michael Avery -Professor, Attorney

Stephen Hrones -Defense Attorney

Tony Naro -Student, Organizer

Q and A Topics...

Arguing the Death Penalty

Dealing with Defamation

Retribution v. Forgiveness


Witness to Innocence

Death Penalty Info Ctr.

About the Talks

The stories include F.B.I. complicity in murders and frame-ups, (resulting in death sentences, later commuted,) prosecutorial misconduct and negligent indifference toward wrongful convictions and, yes, even executions. It becomes clear that prosecutorial and police misconduct are both commonplace and malignant in the United States.

Institutional inertia, rather than proper procedure, constitutes the american criminal "justice" system's modus operandi. The result is a daily boatload of heartbreaking injustices that could so easily happen to you or your family.

A full one percent of Americans are incarcerated, most for nonviolent offenses.

Taken together, these stories, coming directly from credible sources, form an effective debunking tool, effectively eviscerating the common and seemingly reasonable arguments in support of the death penalty.

Innocence and corruption, morality, cost and other issues are addressed.

Michael Avery

Michael Avery tells the shocking history of F.B.I. complicity in mob murders involving Raymond Patriarca, the Flemmis, and others.

“(This was) the most sordid and shocking case that I came across in nearly four decades of litigating law enforcement misconduct,” says Avery.

Learn what FBI Director Hoover was doing about organized crime, (a problem which he told us, quite famously, did not exist!) Public Enemy #1 Hoover, by the way, was not a fan of the NLG.

Avery helped to win for the Limone family, a record breaking $101,000,000.00 award (appealed) in a civil case against the F.B.I.

Michael Avery is a former President of the National Lawyers Guild and a Professor at Suffolk Law.

Professor Avery is a talented speaker, we are alway pleased to record. Here, he hands us a special personal story that could not be more relevant to the topic. Having lost a family member to violent crime, he shares his struggle with retribution and forgiveness.

--> Joseph Barboza and the Deegan Murder Prosecution An Extraordinary Failure to Serve the Ends of Justice (pdf) Download

More from Michael Avery

Suggestion: Michael Avery on The case of the Cuba Five

Ronald Keine

Exonerated death-row prisoner Ronald Keine tells his personal story of an outrageous police frame-up Keine and his friends were viciously prosecuted and sentenced to be murdered by the state.

When when a cop confessed to the killing, the Prosecutor said "Case closed." Executing the innocent was too convenient, compared with serving justice.

So it hit the press, and the moss-caked wheels of justice groaned a bit. You must hear the facts Keine relates.

Ronald Keine (website) of Witness for Innocence is a death penalty activist with a special edge on the issue. He was nearly murdered by the state of New Mexico.

Keine's story is a riveting exposé revealing the ubiquitous banality of evil in the "criminal" justice system.

...There's also a rather scary connection to the Kennedy assassination.

Stephen Hrones

Speaking directly to law students, Boston criminal defense attorney Stephen Hrones talks about his cases.

Institutional impediments to justice Hrones reveals, include politics of the high court (wrongful refusal to overturn lower court verdicts, particularly in high profile cases,) the “need” of police to charge someone immediately, and the subsequent resistance to considering other suspects, even if, (in fact, especially if) better information emerges.

Stephen Hrones (website) is a criminal defense attorney with 35 years experience practicing in local, state and federal courts (appeals.) He has helped to free wrongfully convicted persons, and promises to continue to do so.

The Limone Family Tort...

A landmark victory for wrongfully convicted men and their families

A team of lawyers, among them NPAP’s Howard Friedman and Michael Avery, has won a $101.7 million judgment on behalf of four men convicted in 1968 for a Mafia related murder they did not commit. On July 26, 2007 US District Judge Nancy Gertner ordered the government to pay the landmark sum because “[t]he FBI’s misconduct was clearly the sole cause of this conviction.”

In this case, which Michael Avery calls “the most sordid and shocking case that I came across in nearly four decades of litigating law enforcement misconduct,” the FBI agents suborned perjury, framed four men and conspired to keep them in jail for over thirty years. The four, Joseph Salvati, Peter J. Limone, Louis Greco and Henry Tameleo, were implicated in the murder of Edward Deegan by Joe Barboza, the FBI’s star witness and mafia hit man, who himself was involved in killing Deegan. Based on Barboza’s testimony, which the FBI knew to be false, Limone, Tameleo, and Greco were sentenced to death, Salvati to life in prison. The death sentences were reduced to life imprisonment when the death penalty was vacated.

Tameleo and Greco died in prison in 1985 and 1995, respectively. Salvati was freed in 1997 when then Governor Weld commuted his sentence. In 2001, after a lengthy investigation into the Boston office of the FBI, Limone was released and a new trial concluded that there was no good faith basis to further prosecute the defendant. Based on this investigation, all four men were eventually exonerated. The civil lawsuit against the FBI was filed in 2002. (source)

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