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"Beyond the War in Iraq"

Professor Howard Zinn's address to Students for a Democratic Society at Boston University.


2007_11_06-Zinn v2.0 (50 mins.)

You might also enjoy watching Zinn's video address to the Italian Resistance opposing a proposed huge US military base. The governments want it, the People do not. (8 min.)

In this edited recording, WWII combat veteran Professor Howard Zinn speaks about cultural myths, which Kurt Vonnegut, (who survived the R.A.F. fire bombing of Dresden,) called "Granfalloons." Granfalloons are essential in generating and sustaining a false "consensus reality."

Through undertanding History, Zinn states, we can see the constant stream of Government and Establishment lies, and then learn to see through them.

From the Speech...

"If you do not know History, someone will die because you do not know History ...Really."

"If government's interests were the same as the interests of the People, governments would not have to lie."

"War is poisonous to everybody who engages in it."

-Howard Zinn

the 492 Cafe's Job:

Public Address amplification, Recording and Sound Feed for Video Cameras


492 Cafe was hired by SDS to provide sound reinforcement in Morse Auditorium. ...Note the Professor's opening comment on "improved acoustics."

Pictured here is a mobile control rig. A second rack with amplifiers powered our JBL loudspeakers on the stage. The house sound system was also employed.

This edited recording aired on WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio. Thanks to John Grebe of WZBC-FM's Sounds of Dissent, and Camera Operator Matt Fullerton for assistance in the media aspects of the event.

Politics is show business. In a media-driven culture, we must get hip to this fact, and act accordingly.

-Freeman Z


"The message is very simple:

Think for yourself, and question authority."

-Timothy Leary


If you wish to study a granfalloon, just remove the skin of a toy balloon.


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