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Friends of Sabeel of North America (F.O.S.N.A.)

Boston Conference


Old South Church in Copley Square Boston hosted this conference by FOSNA, a group supporting Palestinian Christians. 492 Cafe, assisted by Bill Hanley, engineered the audio, and produced the recordings. Bill provided sound and stage for the associated outdoor rally, which also featured Desmond Tutu.


Christian Zionism Teach-In w/Donald Wagner

Welcome w/Naim Atik, Desmond Tutu

Three Panel Discussions

    • I -The Apartheid Paradigm: How Does It Apply?
      • Diana Buttu
      • John Dugard
      • Jeff Halper
      • Phyllis Bennis, Moderator
    • II -The Apartheid Paradigm: A Challenge to Promoting Justice
      • Naim Atik
      • Anat Biletkzi
      • Farid Esak
      • Joan Martin, Moderator
    • III - The Apartheid Paradigm: Responding from the U.S.
      • Noam Chomsky
      • Noura Erekat
      • David Wildman
      • Nancy Murray, Moderator

Desmond Tutu's Keynote Address



A Welcome

B Christian Zionism

(Aired on Truth and Justice Radio on Jan 8, 2008)

Audience Q & A

  • Phased Divestment and Caterpillar? (2:40)
  • What is the Catholic Church's position on Christian Zionism? (0:45)
  • Hagee picketed in Connecticut (0:45)
  • A Palestinian Christian asks "what actions are suggested?" (3:50)
  • Does the Bible support Christian Zionism? (4:00)
  • God's covenant with Israel, biblical and modern (2:40)
  • David Wildman Apartheid, Imperialism, and Colonization (2:40)
  • White Supremacy in Zionism, Colonialism, & Empire (3:50)
  • Religion rides on the coat-tails of empire? (1:36)

---> See Bill Moyers' report on John Hagee

06 (38:00) Desmond Tutu's Keynote Speech

Bishop Shaw

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