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The impeachment movement gains momentum. This impeachment rally was followed by several more in the region, including two in Kennebunkport, Maine. Please hear the Swanson speech to understand the impeachment movement's perspective on the issue.

Boston Rally to Impeach Richard B. Cheney and George W. Bush

April 28, 2007 -Speeches, music and an impeachment ceremony conducted at Faneuil Hall, Boston.

Sponsored by Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George and Impeach for Peace.

Sound amplification services for the event by Freeman Z with recording assistance by Birgit Werner.

Town Crier



Original Music from two Vietnam Veterans for Peace

About the Tracks: These ProTools mixes were assembled from recordings made by Freeman at the mixing board, and through video cameras using their own microphones, and/or mono or stereo feeds from the board.

About the PA: Our battery-powered system was expanded for this project, both in terms of output power (five horns with a total potential of 200 Watts (between 350Hz. and10KHz.) and accessories including a stage direct box for instruments, press feeds, a distribuion amplifier (for 1/4" line-level feeds) and multichannel direct box for six XLR mic-level feeds. For the first time ever, we found the SoniKart power supply's time limit (two hours under this heavy load,) the system crashed and a fresh battery was installed.


Impeach Sign at Boston John Adams Statue

John Adams Stands Vigilant

speaker at podium

492 Cafe's "SoniKart" was brought in to provide amplification for the Impeachment Rally. A set of three public address horns are shown here perched atop their twelve foot telescoping mount.

A second pair on five foot stands filled out the sides of the stage.

Press feeds were provided for the television cameras in both stereo or mono.

Tom Page of Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George

Code Pink Sign: "Operation impeach Bush"

Robin-Sue of Code Pink

Town Crier reading

The Town Crier Reads the Charges

Carlos Arredondo's coffin display

Carlos Arredondo's Casket Display

Carlos has traveled the country with this display, (at right, above) as he tells the story of how his son Alex died in Iraq. I have met Carlos in Washington DC, at Congressman Markey's office, on Boston Common, and in so many other places. Carlos is everywhere, reaching out to the people, lobbying officials, and giving interviews. He recently returned from a national hip-hop tour. I attended a meeting with Ed Markey and Veterans for Peace regarding war funding. For the entire time, Carlos sat beside the Congressman, holding up a photo of Alex.

Here, in one of my radio productions, Carlos asks folks to march on the Pentagon! (about one minute in length)

A week after this rally, I amplified and recorded Carlos in Salem, along with Noam Chomsky's daughter Avi. I also spoke (on the iconography of a war memorial at the rally location.)

Next, we moved to Salem State College to read names of the war dead to people exiting a G.W. Bush speaking event.

With money collected for this job, 492 Cafe purchased a new battery, with which we easily powered a pair of JBL 15" loudspeaker cabinets. Up to this point, we used only the horns you can see on this page. The cabinets provide far superior full range, Hi-Fi sound.


Melida Arredondo

Melida Arredondo

(Hear her speech at top of this page.)

T-Shirt: Chicken Hawk

The Chicken Hawk Tour

Bush Doll: pants on fire

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Another Veteran Says "Bush Must Go!"


Ivana Moore-Enmore of Billionaires for Bush

Tahnee Stair at podium

Tahnee Stair from A.N.S.W.E.R.

Huge Constitition and signers

60 foot tall US Constitution

photographer shooting from ground

Woman with Impeace Chenay and Bush sign

An Eager Impeacher Approaches the Demonstration Area

.I-M-P-E-A-C-H big  letter-signs

Spelling it out for our not-too-bright Congress . . . I-M-P-E-A-C-H !

speaker at podium

David Swanson from

(Hear his speech at top of this page!)

Pat Scanlon sings with banjo

Vietnam Veteran for Peace Pat Scanlon

Decorated Vietnam Veteran for Peace Pat Scanlon led the enthusiastic participants with his original compositions, After the impeachments and convictions, Scanlon rendered an unusually energetic version of his own "Lock 'Em Up!"

Scanlon's becoming a fixture in the emerging Peace Movement. I met him when War Resistor Ehren Watada's father came to Cambridge. I videoed him and other Vets for Peace during The Occupation Project as they read names of the American War Dead for two days at Congressman Ed Markey's office. (I believe I have the first-ever video of "Lock 'Em Up" recorded right there on the sidewalk in Medford Center.) Pat Scanlon also thrilled the people at the March 24 2007 Boston Peace Rally and March, which also marked my debut as a coalition organizer. -Freeman

Lock 'Em Up! Lyrics (Refrain)

  • Scanlon: "Lock 'Em Up!"
  • Audience: "Lock 'Em Up!" (repeat)
  • Scanlon: "Lock 'Em Up and throw the key away!"
  • Audience: "Far away!"
  • Scanlon: "A few years down in Gitmo, then life in Abu Ghraib...Make sure their sorry asses never see the light of day!"

speaker at podium

Dan DeWalt, Vermont Impeachment Activist

Raging Grannies singing

The Raging Grannies

The Boston Raging Grannies sang adapted traditional songs, including "Over There" (Don't you dare send our kids Over There!)


Town Crier and impeach sign Town Crier and impeach sign
The Crier called the people to assemble and read the charges. the audience repeated the charges and voted unanimously to impeach! (Except the Billionaires for Bush, of course!)

The Crier in Traditional Bostonian Garb

Cheney, Bush, Rummy, Condee in prison stripes, with balls and chains

Impeached, Convicted, and Removed from Office!

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