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Ehren Watada

Ehren Watada, the First Commissioned Officer to Refuse Iraq Deployment: His Father's Story

Sponsored by Massachusetts Veterans for Peace, In Association with Global Exchange

Updates: (Court Martial began Feb 5th)

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Sunday, November 5, First Parish Church, Cambridge, Mass., with Music from Veteran Pat Scanlon (Vietnam '69)

Podium Speakers
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-About VFP and the Watada Tour

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-Antonia Juhasz (video) Author: "The Bush Agenda"

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-Iranian Rostam Pourzal (Articles: 1 2 3 4 5)

04   (16:00)  

-Iraqi Raed Jarrar for Global Exchange

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-Mass. Green Party Gov. Candidate Grace Ross

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-Veteran for Peace Doug Zachary

07   (26:00)  

-Bob and Rosa Watada

Music from Pat Scanlon: "Where Is The Rage?"
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-Where Is The Rage?

B-02   (3:50)  

-I've Got A Feeling I've Been Here Before

Source Recording (No Edits)
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-Raw Recording Including Audience Q & A.

Bob Watada's son, Lt. Ehren Watada, is the first US commissioned officer to refuse to deploy to the unlawful Iraq war and occupation. Based on this refusal, he has been charged with "contemptuous words" towards President Bush and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.

On August 24, the Article 32 pre-trial hearing investigator recommended a general court martial on all charges.

Bob Watada

On September 15, an additional specification under the charge of conduct unbecoming and officer and a gentleman was added for comments Lt. Watada made during an August 12 speech to the Veterans For Peace national convention. Lt. Watada stated that "to stop an illegal and unjust war, soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."

These charges represent the first military persecution of an objector for First Amendment speech since 1965 and, if convicted, Lt. Watada faces over eight years in military prison.

Bob Watada

Bob Watada, Ehren's father, currently is touring the country to raise awareness of his son's courageous actions, organize support, and raise money for Ehren's defense. Public events are underway from Texas to North Carolina to Maine from October 26 to November 17.

Watada, a draft resister, served in the Peace Corps during the 60's rather than go to Vietnam. Years later, he was Executive Director of the Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission, where his work exposed corruption and kickbacks that led to the imprisonment of major politicians.

Bob Watada

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