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Superpower Principles: U.S. Terrorism Against Cuba

Noam Chomsky, Michael Avery, and Salim Lamrani Discuss The Case of The Cuba Five

10/06/2006 at M.I.T.

This event coincided with the eighth anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five, and also the 30th anniversary of the mid-air bombing of a Cuban Commercial Airliner, an act committed by U.S.-protected International Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles with U.S. complicity. Speakers focus on US Cuba Policy, the Cuba Five Case and Bush Administration War Crimes.

Read the letter from Cuba Five prisoner Gerardo Hernandez

Free The Five Website


Speaker and Topic

Salim Lamrani: Story of The Cuba Five

05:45 Gerardo Hernandez: Letter from G. Hernandez
21:30 Michael Avery: Carriles & Bush War Crimes
28:30 Noam Chomsky: US Policy Against Cuba
00:50 Bonus Song: CIA Training Camp (long version)

About The Speakers



Superpower Principles: US Terrorism Against Cuba

Salim Lamrani's new book presents essays by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, William Blum, Nadine Gordimer, Michael Parenti, Leonard Weinglass and others.

Salim Lamrani is Author of Superpower Principles US Terrorism Against Cuba, a compilation of essays that reveals the lies told by the Bush administration to the people of the U.S. about the so-called "War on Terrorism" with relation to Cuba. Lamrani explains the background and facts of the case including detention and treatment, and quotes from trial evidence.


Professor Michael Avery is a past President of the National Lawyers Guild (2003 - 2006.) He teaches at the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston. His topic is Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro terrorist trained at Fort Benning Georgia.

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Uncle Noam

Professor Noam Chomsky reviews US policy regarding Cuba since the Monroe Doctrine, including collective punishment and the "missile crisis." Professor Chomsky is a noted Scholar, Author and Linguist.

492 Cafe offers several recordings of Professor Chomsky including an appearance with Middle-East Journalist Robert Fisk.

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This portrait in aluminum of Boston Pops Conductor Arthur Fiedler is located just across the Charles River from MIT, on the Boston Esplanade. Traveling on Storrow Drive, you will pass under the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge very near to this spot.

Song about the CIA training camp at Fort Benning is by "Chill Breeze" of Presente! recorded at the Wake Up the Earth Festival in 2002. (more...)

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