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George Galloway


George Galloway's Fabulous Talk at Boston's Historic Faneuil Hall


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More from Chuck Turner (on Katrina and more)

-This remarkable speech is presented without edits.

Galloway in Boston
Photo: Freeman Z

Galloway is a British Member of Parliament whose Testimony before the US Senate, after he was smeared for speaking out about the Downing Street Memo, caused quite a stir. He skillfully sliced up some American politicians who had attacked his reputation.

It was a rare treat to see a real lefty kick some ass in Washington, and it left me wondering whether "Georgeous George" might be persuaded to repatriate to the US. Then I remembered ...they assassinate effective left wing and populist politicians here!

Eventually, Galloway successfully sued for libel, a British newspaper which accused him of trading in oil. Unfortunately, our First Amendment does, to a great extent, protect people in the very act of lying. His website has more on this.


Chuck Turner is a Boston city Councilor who has represented his constituents like no other Boston Official. Alone amog City Councilors, he runs, effectively at his own expense, an office in his district, so that his people can conveniently see him on Fridays.

Chuck has been attacked in an apparently racist and politically motivated Federal prosecution. Already, the star witness has evaporated, but not before the corporate media, who serve the elite, and therefore must despise and attack Turner for his populist methods, tried and convicted him in their pages with sensationalistic, and arguable libelous, articles.

More Chuck Turner from 492 Cafe, including comprehensive analysis on the apparent frame-up from Open Media Boston.

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