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Roslindale Neighbors for Peace


War? ...Not in Our Family's Name!


Terry Rockefeller


Nancy Lessin


Charley Richardson

Military Families Speak Out MFSO.org


September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: peacefultomorrows.org

Roslindale Neighbors for Peace

RNFP began as a small group of neighbors concerned about the US reaction, (domestic and international) to the September 11 terrorist attack. We believe that the US should fight terrorism within the bounds of international law and that our basic rights should not be sacrificed in the name of a war on terror.

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Peaceful Tomorrows is a group of families of 9-11 victims dedicated to overcoming the climate of fear that has resulted from the attacks. Their mission has been to turn their grief into action for peace. The speaker is Terry Rockefeller (whose sister was killed at the World Trade Center.)

Military Families Speak Out

Is an organization of families, many of whom opposed the war and all of whom are calling for the end of the occupation of Iraq and return of the troops to the US. Our speakers are Nancy Lessin and Charlie Richardson, parents of a marine.




Nancy Lessin Charley Richardson Terry Rockefeller Lee Cranberg

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My Report for WMBR Radio -Listen!

  1. (02:30) Lee Cranberg -Introduction -Listen!
  2. (01:00) Intro Terry -Listen!
  3. (20:00) Terry Rockefeller -Listen!
  4. (01:00) Intro Nancy & Charley -Listen!
  5. (15:00) Nancy Lessin -Listen!
  6. (13:00) Charley Richardson -Listen!

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