492 Cafe

Joseph Gerson

Empire and Resistance

Speech Edited by Freeman Z


This talk from a 2003 conference of United for Justice with Peace examines the American empire and lays out a strategy for resistance on six overlapping levels: military, economic, social, political, intellectual, and spiritual.

Mr. Gerson brings you a history of US Imperialism and lessons from his education in U.S. foreign policy at Georgetown, explaining international relations in the context in which they are taught in the United States, as resembling crime-family relations, a notion shared by Noam Chomsky.

About the recording: This is the first speech I ever edited in ProTools (ProTools Free for Mac.) It was recorded on a Sony MD (mini disc) with a Sony ECM-MS907 microphone, and transferred as analog via a Griffin iMic USB audio interface. Around 2004, I started from scratch and re-edited it completely.

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Edited recording is copyright 2003, Freeman Z.