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Recorded by Freeman Z (Feb 6, 2003)

New England Committee to Defend Palestine (OnePalestine.org)


Hugus Cohen Habash

palestine flag

Four members of the New England Committee to Defend Palestine explain their individual and collective views on the Palestine situation at Harvard’s Austin Hall. The talks are presented here complete and unedited.


  • 1 (14:00) Richard Hugus -Director of a Movie about Jenin -Listen!
  • 2 (12:30) Lana Habash -A Palestinian Family History -Listen!
  • 3 (08:35) Rawan Barakat -My Youth in the Intifada -Listen!
  • 4 (21:00) Noah Cohen -A Jewish Perspective -Listen!

Richard Hugus showed his video "Palestine Under Seige," and shared stories of dehumanization in a battered Jenin where he filmed his documentary.

Lana Habash tells her family’s story of a forced exodus and seized lands.

Rawan Barakat a Palestinian Christian relates her experiences growing up under occupation, and explains the intifadas.

Noah Cohen (20:39) offers a rare historical perspective on the foundation of the modern state of Israel.


Barakat Hugus Cohen


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