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January 2012:
The death of our friend Brian Arredondo has prompted 492 cafe's first public release of a formal video series in three years.
492Cafe Videos


Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich is a Professor of International Relations at Boston University. He spoke to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford. His latest book is titled America’s Endless Wars.

courtesy photo


Democracy in Crisis_ A Lecture by Noam Chomsky at Tufts / Fletcher School

Noam Chomsky

Freeman Z

2011/08/07 New, Exclusive Video

Jamaica Plain P.O. Named for Alexander Arredondo

RIP Brian Arredondo (pictured)

Brian Arredondo's suicide at 22 follows seven years of grief since his brother Alex fell in the failed, illegal US Imperial Colonial occupation of Iraq.

(more Arredondo)

492Cafe and Chronos join forces, providing ceremony sound & stage services in continuous rain...

for family and 'dignitaries' Mike Capuano, Mayor Menino and others. Brian Arredondo occupies the stage beside his parents.

In memory of Brian Arredondo, we've released our humble video, taken from on-board the tech van.



George Galloway of Viva Palestina:
Breaking the Seige of Gaza -by land

Recorded February 1st, 2010 in Brighton, Massachusetts. Aired on WZBC-FM's Truth and Justice Radio.


2009/02/14 (In Production)

Paul Larudee of Viva Palestina:
Breaking the Seige of Gaza -by Sea

... Forty three people now have entered through the Port of Gaza.
Video from February 2nd, 2009
in Brighton, Massachusetts.

2009/10/08 (In Production)

War Loudly Protested
Recorded October 10th, 2009

See 492 Cafe's notorious SoniKart delivering Boston peace activists' voices crisply and cleanly at 105dB (A) measured throughout Roxbury's Dudley Station!)



Noam Chomsky

Steve Meacham takes on the evening's topic, "Building Democracy from Below," as he reports strategic success on Vida Urbana/CityLife's organizing under bailout foreclosures. Then in a Fair and Balanced twist of perspective, Noam responds by explaining how Power sabotages Democracy from above.



TARI 1-State Conference

The Trans-Arab Research Institute's conference on a one-state solution. UMass, Boston, featuring Electronic Intifada Founder Ali Abunimah and others.



Combatants for Peace

An Israeli soldier and a Palestinian resistance fighter speak together for peace.



Noam Chomsky Anarchists Against the Wall and Others

Principled Resistance to Israeli Occupation

Noam Chomsky
Leila Farsakh
Shachaf Polakov Anarchists Against the Wall
with Nancy Murray, Moderator



Noam Chomsky

The Elections, Economy & the World

  • Obama's cabinet picks: What they portend
  • Democracy versus rule by the corporate elite
  • Audience Q and A

492 Cafe was hired to manage sound for this Mass Global Action fundraiser.

Democracy Now and Z-Magazine shot video. Thanks to Robbie Leppzer of Turning Tide Productions for his generous recording assistance.

CCTV and Boston Talk Radio Meister Christopher Lydon also received audio feeds. -FZ

Photo: Radio Free Maine

Photo: Radio Free Maine


Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial

Parade and March

  • Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner
  • Jake Carman
  • Evan Greer


ACTION News Report!

Speaker Pelosi Rejected in Boston!

Boston protestors endure empty threats of arrest (harassment) while picketing Pelosi, which is supposedly their right as Americans ...right?

Stories: Official Wiretap Notice, They Shall Not Be Moved, (to), "The Blue Thing", (for a), Silent-Invisible Protest, (in the) "Designated Area where Ya Gotta Go To", Don't take My Hat, Grannies Raging, The Impeachment Question, Born Again Hummer-Drivin' Nascar Daddies for Bush, Bright Idea, Barnyard Blues

Chants: Genocide, Hand-in-Hand, Bought and Sold, Fed Up!, No Justice, Get off It



James Zogby

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher -The 2008 Elections and US Middle East Policy

Address to the Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee of Massachusetts (ADCMA) Saturday, May 31, 2008

includes music by Arabian Nightingales with Nader Hawa


2008/05/16 David and Amy Goodman

David Goodman tells stories from "Standing Up To The Madness, "Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times."



Benefit Concert for the Children of Gaza

492 Cafe was hired to manage sound. Hear the reccordings, including Brandeis Arabic/Jazz ensemble, Mochilla, and write a check for gazans if you would.


press photo


Five Years of U.S. Occupation of Iraq and Pakistan

Boston Common Vigil Against US Wars

  • Memorial Vigil: vets for peace, music, remembrance (reading of names)
  • Documentation of a false report by Citizen Rupert's Fox News


Bread and Puppet's Peter Schumann

The University of Majd

Boston Center for the Arts

An original violin and voice performance from Peter Schumann, (founder of Bread and Puppet Theater)

The true story of a young palestinian in detention under Israeli military law. Recorded and produced by 492 Cafe especially for This Week in Palestine, a regular part of WZBC's Truth and Justice Radio program.



9-11 Truth at Faneuil Hall, Boston

492 Cafe managed sound for this two-day event and produced the soundtrack for this nice little video of Steven Jones talking about the tower collapses.



Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffersonian Candidates - Hamiltonian Policies

Wentworth Institute of Technology

The Jefferson-Hamilton debate is one of the formative conversations in American discourse. Americans overwhelmingly support the Jeffersonain democratic ideals, yet, no matter how we vote, we fall farther from democracy with each election cycle. Americans ponder the question of whether there's "a dime's worth of difference" between Democrats and Republicans, particularly in terms of foreign policy. "...A nickel's worth ...maybe." Says Taylor,. Then he explains why.
Sponsored by the Antiwar League.



Michael Avery, Stephen Hrones, Ronald Keine

Forum on Wrongful Convictions

Suffolk University School of Law

  • Ronald Keine, Exonerated death-row prisoner
  • Michael Avery on F.B.I. involvement in New England mob murders
  • Stephen Hrones, Boston Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Anthony Naro, Law Student and Organizer

Police corruption, prosecutorial negligence, and investigative crime explained by two attorneys and a frame-up victim. "There are eleven death penalty cases in which the victim walked into town alive"



Anat Biletzki

Israel's Women In Black

at M.I.T.

Professor Anat Biletzki has been teaching at the philosophy department in Tel Aviv University since 1979. Outside academia Biletzki has been active in the peace movement and in several human rights projects in Israel for over 25 years. This recording aired on Truth and Justice Radio.



Howard Zinn for SDS

Iraq and Beyond

Zinn speaks to Students for a Democratic Society at Boston University. 492 Cafe was hired to provide public address amplification in Morse Auditorium. This recording aired on Truth and Justice Radio.

""If government's interests were the same as the interests of the People, governments would not have to lie.



Friends of Sabeel of North America

National Conference

A Plea From Palestinian Christians

"People are scared in the U.S. to say 'wrong is wrong,' because the pro-Israeli lobby [AIPAC] is powerful---very powerful. Well, so what? For goodness sake, this is God's world. We live in a moral universe. The Apartheid government was very powerful, but today it no longer exists. ~ Desmond Tutu


Christian Zionism Teach-In


Three Panel Discussions

I -The Apartheid Paradigm: How Does It Apply?

II -The Apartheid Paradigm: A Challenge to Promoting Justice

III - The Apartheid Paradigm: Responding from the U.S.

Desmond Tutu's Keynote Address

Many of these aired on Truth and Justice Radio.



RESIST Anniversary Photos

Celebrating Forty Years of RESISTance

Bill Fletcher

Mandy Carter

Camilo Mejía

Noam Chomsky

Laura Flanders


These recordings aired on Boston's Truth and Justice Radio and on the National Radio Project's program Making Contact.



Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial

Parade and March

Felix Arroyo, Boston City Council
Sergio Reyes
Jake Carman and his Infernal Machinery
Evan Greer
Boston activist groups

  • Animal Rights
  • Boston Anti Authoritarian Movement
  • IWW
  • more


Bill Hanley, the Father of Festival Sound

A "Festival Sound" Gig with Bill Hanley

Freeman spends a day or two with Woodstock sound engineer Bill Hanley on a large-scale commercial PA job. ...No recordings, just photos.



2007/05/15 (In Production)

Protesting G.H.W. Bush in Salem w/Avi Chomski

Protesting Bush at Salem State

George Herbert Walker Bush came to Salem. Salem State University students spoke out against the former president, his policies, legacy, and family.

Strident words against the Bush dynnastic regime!


2007/01/30 (In Production)

Leonard Weinglass at Suffolk Law

Defending Famous Clients

An address to the National Lawyers Guild at Suffolk School of Law, Boston.



Impeach Bush and Cheney Rally at Faneuil Hall, Boston

Another 492 Cafe sound job. We brought the battery-powered SoniKart to Faneuil Hall to provide amplification and audio feeds for the TV cameras.

A lively demonstration including music from Pat Scanlon, the Raging Grannies and Chuck Williams. Audiencs participation makes this one of the best impeachment events I've worked on or attended! -Freeman Z



Protest at Novartis over India Patent Lawsuit

A brief interview with Student Activist and Law Student Ellen Ignegonga outside the Pharmaceutical R&D/Patent Giant Novartis who are suing the Indian Government over a patent dispute involving a cancer drug "repurposed" as an AIDS therapy.



Guantanamo and Torture, Confronting Our National Nightmare

Brookline Public Library at Coolidge Corner: Jeffrey Gleason believes everyone deserves a rigorous defense, and promises that at least six men imprisioned at Guantanamo and denied a fair trial will not be forgoten, and Stephen Soldz challenges the American Psychological Association (APA's) position on torture, one which permits it's Members to participate in interrogtion.



Two Boston Demonstrations

Featuring Veteran and Historian Howard Zinn, Guantanamo Attorney Jeffrey Gleason, Amnesty International's Josh Rubenstein and others protest the Bush troop surge and another Guantanamo anniversary.



Dr. Marcia Angell

Dr. Angell joined the editorial staff of the New England Journal of Medicine in 1979, became Executive Editor in 1988, and Editor-in-Chief in 1999. Time magazine named Marcia Angell one of the 25 most influential Americans. She spoke about health care and other themes related to her book "The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It."



Amy and David Goodman

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Brother David visit Concord on their 80 city book tour promoting their second book on American media and politics, titled "Static."



The Cuba Five: A Case Study in American Terrorism

Noam Chomsky, Michael Avery and Others
Noam Chomsky and National Lawyers Guild President Michael Avery speak on the topic of the Cuba Five.


Greg Palast on Election Fraud

Greg Palast is Author of Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Hear the first track to learn more (in one quick minute) about this Investigative Journalist who's reported on American elections for five years for the BBC!


George Galloway at Faneuil Hall, Boston



The Bush Crimes Commission
Janice Karpinsky, C. Clark Kissenger...

An unlikely combination of presenters, each offers compelling evidence of the G.W. Bush Administration's war crimes.


Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich is a Professor of International Relations at Boston University. He spoke to the Roslindale Neighbors for Peace about his newest book, The New American Militarism, How Americans are seduced by War.
courtesy photo


Dahr Jamail's First Boston Appearance

Introduced by Truthout's William Rivers Pitt. Sponsored by Boston Mobilization, Brookline PeaceWorks, and Newton Dialogues on War and Peace.

So far, Dahr Jamail has spent a total of 8 months on the ground in occupied Iraq, living outside the "Greenzone" as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country...



Wake Up The Earth!

Selections from Spontaneous Celebrations 2004 Festival in Boston's Jamaica Plain. Includes percussion, the group Presente and Poet Billy Barnum.



The Sorrow of War / The Power of Poetry

Combat stories from Kevin Bowen and David Connolly, who served in Vietnam then returned home, battling the Establishment to help create Veterans for Peace and the Joiner Center for the Sudy of War and its Social Consequences.



Psychodynamics of Empire

Psychoanalysts deconstruct the underlying psychology that explains how Americans have come to see themselves as the most...if not the only, righteous people on Earth.



War: Not In Our Family's Name

Roslindale Neighbors for Peace hosts Military Families Speak Out and September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. A US Marine's parents, and the sister of a WTC victim oppose the Administration's disrespect of combat troops and pointless and harmful vengeance on countries not invloved with the attack.



New England Committee to Defend Palestine

Four people speak from their personal experience regarding Palestine. Movie maker Richard Hugus speaks on his trip to Jenin, Rawan Barakat explains her youth in the intifada, Lana Habash tells her family history, and Noah Cohen draws parallels between the Nakba and the Holocaust.

Photos are by Freeman Z, unless noted
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