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Vermin Supreme


Vermin at Faneuil Hall with John Ashcroft

  • Listen! (0:15) Taunt: Ashcroft's A Chicken!
  • Listen! (0:30) Arrest: Surrender Ashcroft!

Vermin at the Democrat National Convention

  • Listen! (1:45) Vermin Reports ...from the DNC
  • Listen! (0:40) Marshal Law "Ignore the man with the megaphone."

Vermin at the Park Plaza

  • Listen! (0:15) I Am Your Time Travel Candidate

Vermin in Philadelphia

Freeman Z interviews Vermin on July Fourth, 2003 in the City of Brotherly Love.
  • Listen! (0:20) Who Am I? "I'm Just A Clown whacking myself on the head with a stick!"
  • Listen! (0:20) More Whacking Vermin amuses Philadelphia's Police, by whacking himself on the head with a stick
  • Listen! (0:20) A Big Weird Wig-Beard Thing


This Machine Annoys Fascists !


Vermin and Boston's Finest at Faneuil Hall

call police!

Not Crossing A Police Line in New Hampshire


Vermin at Night


Nader-less Non-Debate

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