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Robby Roadsteamer

Roadsteamer on stage

Freeman discovered Mr. Roadsteamer at the 2004 MASSCANN Freedom Rally, which he recorded for WMBR's No Censorship Radio program. The free smoke, seemingly piped in from Amsterdam, was too full of tobacco for his hurting head when Robby leaped on stage in a jumpsuit and tremendously fake moustache ..."trying to get laid!" Robby is said to have tattoo on his chest...of himself.


Robby at the Hemp Rally and Smoke-In (07:30)


Marijuana, Jimmy Buffet (0:40)
John Lennon Smurf Plane Crash (0:40)
Hot Dog Rain Date
Spill The Wine, Eat That Corn!
Colin Supports Weed
Learn and Teach

Freeman Z's "Niblet" Remix
George W. Bush Eats Corn The Long Way!

"What exactly does "road-steamer" mean?" you will likely ask.

Well, my research reveals that it's a euphemism for feces...you know...poop!

Nevertheless, he was voted 'Rock Personality of the Year' by Boston's Noise Magazine, and his CD, "The Heart of a Rhino," has played on over 200 radio stations. Robby's image has covered The Boston Phoenix and The Weekly Dig. 492 Cafe proudly offers you the only known recording of this delicious live performance. Bone-Appa-Teat!


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