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Ian MacKinnon's always up to something...

One minute he's running for City Council, another minute he's getting arrested with a Ronny Reagan puppet head jammed down his shorts, then he's in the Boston Subways educating the people about the evil MBTA's plans to control our minds with their own television channels with saturation advertisements in our transit stations. He's a champion of opposition to the Cambridge scheme that's unconstitutionally applied to tax political speech. (RadicalJesters.com interview)

MacKinnon with Eric Zinman

The Religion of Secularism

Ian and Jazzman Eric Zinman, (he hates it when I call him jazzman.) have teamed up to fight Mitt Romney.

MacKinnon with Eric Zinman as Bush and Cheney

As G.W. Bush, Ian and Jazzman Eric Zinman, as Dick Cheney, (he hates it when I call him jazzman!) have teamed up to reveal the true nature of the Administration.

Bush, Cheney Top Gun Focus Group

MacKinnon Investigates MBTA Police

So, is it any wonder that the outspoken oddball thespian can be seen on Boston Common as the affable porcine constable pictured below? If you like the still, you'll love the video! Just click the pic and see MBTA Police External Investigator Inspector McTrough boogie-down as the snow falls on the green grass of Boston Common, near where criminal MBTA traincop Brian Harer is known to lurk! (Music by Murder Elite, sound and video by Freeman Z)

dancing pig movie

Bush and Cheney Live in Harvard Square (October 2004)

  • Listen! (26:00) Features The Bush Bible and Q & A
  • Listen! (10:00) Dick Cheney's Introduction

Bush Cheney Top Gun Focus Group ---> website

The Apotheosis of George W. Bush (July 2004)

  • Listen! (16:00) -Dick Cheney, Master of Ceremonies
  • Listen! (03:05) -The President's Welcoming Speech
  • Listen! (03:05) -"Faith-Based Gospel" (song)
  • Listen! (13:05) -The Vision of George W. Bush
  • Listen! (00:40) -The Bells of Yahweh
  • Listen! (08:35) -Anointment and Apotheosis
  • Listen! (02:00) -Geronimo and the Sword of Yahweh
  • Listen! (02:00) -Jogging and Line Dancing
  • Listen! (02:00) -A Blessing Song
  • Listen! (07:00) -Yellow Cake Snack Time, Q & A
  • Listen! (02:45) -"The Sun Never Sets on the Eagle" (song)

Bush Cheney Top Gun Focus Group ---> website

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