492 Cafe

Comedy and Satire

Freeman Z

Some of 492 Cafe Producer Freeman Z's live radio performances, including a bit where he portrays frozen head, and a frog bent on world-domination.


Ian MacKinnon

Ian MacKinnon's always up to something. One minute he's getting arrested with a Ronny Reagan puppet head jammed down his shorts, then he's in the Boston Subways education the people about the evil MBTA's plans to control our minds with their own saturation television advertisements in the stations. He's a champion of opposition to the unconstitutional Cambridge public speaking permitting scheme. Once he was performing in Harvard Square when someone came along beside him and stripped naked! Now he's teamed up with Eric Zinman in a series of Bush Cheney spoofs ...and 492 Cafe's got 'em!





Robby Roadsteamer

"Sweatpant Boners" front man, Robby Roadsteamer at the 2004 Masscann Freedom Rally and Smoke-In!


Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme is his legal name. Vermin's often seen and heard at political rallies, marches, and demonstrations. Vermin appeared when Bill Clinton spoke in Salem, (Witch City) demonstrating his giant blue phallus and red lips on-a-stick. Vermin was there when John Ashcroft occupied Boston's Faneuil Hall to tell our Police that his undeclared martial law is a good thing. "John Ashcroft, we have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up and your pants down!"


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